Video of husband rapping over wife's Fenty Beauty makeup tutorial is the best thing you'll see all day

Kathlyn Celeste of the blog For the Love of Kath created a cool Fenty Beauty “raptorial” that people can’t get enough of. (Screenshot: Youtube)

Since launching in 2017, Fenty Beauty has had continued success, and every time Rihanna releases a new product from the line, people get superpsyched to try it, especially beauty vloggers. Kathlyn Celeste is one of them, and with the release of Fenty’s new Body Lava luminizer from the Beach, Please collection, she and her husband created a video tutorial that’s probably like nothing you’ve seen before. 

Kathlyn’s husband, Sean, who goes by the name Cru Alxndr, put together a rap voice-over to go with his wife’s “raptorial.” You’ll immediately start bopping along with the lyrics and become entranced with Kathlyn’s demo of how Fenty Beauty products wear on her skin.

The video already has over 9,000 views on YouTube, and over 50,000 views on Instagram. In one line, Sean says, “That’s that Mattemoiselle lipstick, please, don’t ever get it twisted,” referring to the brand’s popular plush matte lipsticks. In another, he raps, “Get that new-new, all over your body. Get that Body Lava, you know you a hottie,” while Kathlyn applies the liquid body luminizer.

As a Christian music artist, Sean has written and produced for most of his life, and Kathlyn is a popular YouTuber and content creator, so their collaboration was genius, as it merged their talents organically. “I really wanted Fenty Beauty to be the focus and wanted to be strategic on when we created it,” Kathlyn tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “So when we found out Fenty was releasing the new Beach, Please collection, I thought it was a perfect time!”

Before the release of the new Fenty products on April 5, Sean stayed up until 3 a.m. writing and recording the song that would go with his wife’s makeup tutorial video. “Kathy wrote a list out of all the products she was going to use and in what order. I wrote based off that,” Sean explains. “I took it upon myself to look up a few things, like how many shades of foundation Fenty had. But for the most part, I’ve always edited her videos, so I knew a lot of the basics.”

The next morning, Kathlyn rushed to Sephora as soon as the nearest store opened, and returned home to start filming. “It was a lot harder than I thought to film each part of the tutorial in line with the lyrics,” Kathlyn says.  After nearly two hours of filming, Sean went into editing mode for the rest of the day, and two days later, the Massachusetts-based couple released their unique project to the world.

Over 200 comments accompanied the video. One person wrote, “Hubby is great for this, he had it down! I bet he wouldn’t of ever thought he would know the names to any of the Fenty makeup  lol and you were on point girl this kind of video makes me happy.” Another fan asked, “Why isn’t there a LOVE IT button?” A flood of other comments of admiration followed.

Besides showing how good Body Lava looks on her complexion, Kathlyn is actually obsessed with the new product. “I honestly love it more than I expected to,” she says. “I knew I would love it because, I mean, it’s Fenty. It’s more than your typical body shimmer, and there is no matching that glow girl! The smell is amazing, plus it doesn’t stick to your clothes.”

Both Kathlyn and Sean admit that they were truly blown away by all the positive feedback so far. It went from being a “pretty cool idea” to “Did we really just come up with something that’s never been done before?” admits Kathlyn. They are grateful for all of the high praises, and it has ultimately encouraged them to keep creating and working toward their passions.

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