Hurry and Get Your Booty to Old Navy - Trust Me, This $45 Cardigan Sweater Is Worth It

No, this isn't a love letter, but if it were, it'd be addressed to this Old Navy cardigan sweater. As someone who has a history of being cold all the time (like, even in the summer) cozy open-front sweaters always know how to perk me up. I throw the knits over practically any tight-fitting shirt I own and their versatility, style, and comfort hit it out of the park (especially in the winter when all I want to be is warm and comfortable). I cycle through a handful of cardigans in my closet weekly that I love dearly, so when I stumbled across this Cozy Shaker-Stitch Button-Front Speckled Cardigan Sweater for Women ($45) it was a no-brainer - I had to have it. (Or you know, see if it was worthy).

Upon opening it in the mail I knew this cardigan was a winner. With its ribbed design, quality material, and buttons that aren't too loose (IYKYK); this sweater is the perfect mix of comfort, style, and quality that I look for. I was so impressed, I ordered another Old Navy one in grey! I'm not kidding when I say I'm obsessed - it's my new work-from-home uniform, casual weeknight dinner top, and errand running buddy. I love it. I ordered a tall medium and it fits me like a glove (for reference, I hover between 5'7" and 5'8" for height). If you're interested in upping your cozy style, let me recommend you this top! Shop it now and give your cold-weather wardrobe the love it deserves.

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