Hugh Grant says he felt ‘depressed’ reading Twitter responses to The Undoing: ‘Some of the criticisms are fair and some are so unfair’

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Grant in ‘The Undoing' (HBO)
Grant in ‘The Undoing' (HBO)

Hugh Grant says that reading audience reactions to The Undoing on Twitter was an “exhausting” and “depressing” experience.

The Sky drama, which Grant stars in opposite Nicole Kidman, came to an end on Sunday (29 November), with viewers finally finding out who killed Elena Alves.

*Major spoilers below*

However, the show’s conclusion divided fans as it was revealed that prime suspect Jonathan (Grant) was behind the crime after all, with many viewers sharing their disappointment on social media.

Speaking to IndieWire, Grant revealed that he had been regularly reading Twitter responses to the show throughout its run.

Grant in ‘The Undoing'HBO
Grant in ‘The Undoing'HBO

“It’s been quite an exhausting six weeks, either resisting looking at Twitter to see how people are reacting, or giving in after a few drinks and spending four hours of the night either being pleased or outraged at how people are reacting to certain things — or depressed, when they say, ‘Christ, he looks ancient.’ ‘He looks 150.’ ‘Let’s give him a facial,’” he said.

Describing how he fell “down the well of Twitter” during the finale, he continued: “Some of their criticisms are fair and some of them are so unfair. In that scene where I tell Grace that I had a little sister who I allowed to get hit by a car, the day we shot that, I remember thinking how marvellous I am because I’m really crying here — it really moved me, that scene.

“Everyone said, ‘That’s terrific, Hugh, well done.’ And I felt good. That’s something people will appreciate when it comes out. No one appreciated it, and quite a few people on Twitter said, ‘He can’t cry. Hugh Grant can’t cry.’ Well, I was crying! So I felt sad about that.”

While the show’s ending proved controversial, Grant has stood by it, even revealing that he asked for changes to the original conclusion after finding the script “disappointing”.

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