Huge cruise ship arrives at Portland Port

Regal Princess arrived at Portland Port this morning <i>(Image: James Perkins)</i>
Regal Princess arrived at Portland Port this morning (Image: James Perkins)

A huge cruise ship arrived at Portland Port this morning.

The Regal Princess, which carries 3,560 passengers, is a regular visitor to Dorset.

The ship was built in 2014 and has 18 decks.

The cruise is currently on a 12-day round trip of the British Isles.

Earlier this month, the vessel took centre stage in Channel 5's new show, The Cruise: Fun Loving Brits at Sea.

The 20-episode series followed groups of holidaymakers as they sailed through the Mediterranean aboard the luxurious Regal Princess.

Earlier this summer the cruise ship skipped Portland Port over safety concerns springing from protests on Portland to the Bibby Stockholm.

A spokesperson said at the time: "The decision was made in the interest of the safety and security of our guests and crew following our security team’s consultation with local authorities."

Its inaugural cruise was in 2014, it has 18 decks and 1,780 guest cabins.

It was christened by the original cast of 'The Love Boat'.

It is scheduled to depart from Portland for Guernsey at 7pm.