How To Survive A Long Haul Flight


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Around this time last year, I was preparing myself for a 18 hour flight. It started at London Heathrow for 8 hours to gorgeous Dubai, a 1 hour layover and then another 9 hours to an even more picturesque island of Mauritius.

Preparation for the flight and trip happened well in advance, it’s always important to be extra organised for long haul flights as you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, without any hiccups.

Long haul flights are by no means boring either, they’re the perfect time to relax, read and re watch your favourite box sets. Here are some tips to help you survive the flight!


Everyone has different flying experiences, if you’re like me and can sleep all the way through with no problems - it’s amazing. If you can’t then find ways to help you either fall asleep or slowly start to go into a sleeping state.

The best way is to escape from everything going on, put your headphones in, grab a book that you have been meaning to read or watch the new films/tv on the airlines screen.


I love watching all the new releases or re-watching a series like Sex and The City, nothing beats a bit of Carrie & Big. A lot of airlines now also have radios and music on offer.

Music is soothing and can help you relax and unwind. If you are a nervous flyer then try and be as calm as you can from the start, you don’t want to be worrying yourself the whole flight.

Bring The Essentials

Everything and anything you pack in your carry on will be your lifesaver. Don’t go overboard and pack your whole bedroom, as you’ll probably have to put it near your feet and then be uncomfortable the whole journey. Keep it simple with the things you need.

A handy tip: if you do have layover like I did, then you may have to get your bags and go through security again. Keep a small bag at the top of other ‘essentials’ that can’t go through hand luggage to help you get freshened up.


[Photo: The author/classandglitter]

In your hand luggage, you must keep at hand a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and perfume - these will keep you looking and feeling fresh. Keep some sort of minty refreshment on you as well. POLO extra strong, are my current favourites, they are sugar free so you can’t feel guilty for eating four at a time and the minty aftertaste lasts for such a long time it helps with when you have to eat plane food!

As I was going to a hot country it was important to bring; insect repellent to be safe, SPF for my face with a high factor rating to protect my skin from the sun.

Flying makes your skin really dry, carrying a moisturiser with you is important to keep your skin hydrated. Two things that aren’t a necessity but a life saver are a anti-blister stick, this wonder balm will save your poor feet from pain! A spray toner will help to restore your skin from the humidity and keep you cool if you are visiting a hot country.

Keep Hydrated


Drinking water is so important when you are up in the air for such a long period of time. Your body clocks are all over the place, your mind is uneasy and the last thing you want is to fall ill when you land.

Keep drinking water as much as you can, it will ensure you stay healthy and fight the bugs in the plane. I didn’t drink enough and regretted it as soon as we landed in Dubai and the heat hit me. It wasn’t nice at all.

Don’t Dress To Impress


We all dream to walk off the plane like the Kardashians, sunglasses on, thigh high boots and looking a million dollars. The reality is however, that flying is not glamorous at all.

No one travels with a glam team, even though we all secretly wish we did. So, dress to be comfortable. The temperature inside a plane is always in the middle, it may be warm for some and cold for others.

Wear an outfit you find easy to move around in, and pack layers just in case you get cold. Pack some fluffy socks too, they make everything better..

Getting To The Destination

After your long flight, you will arrive safe and rested at your holiday destination. Granted, the bit after isn’t fun at all, getting the bags and going through customs but it’s all worth it.

Mauritius was honestly, the best family holiday for us all. It was beautiful wherever you went, the people were down to earth and the weather was incredible.

What do you do on long and short haul flights?


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