How to make a fairy for the Christmas tree


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You will need:
* Sheet of handmade wrapping paper
* Gold aluminium wire
* Fine gold wire
* Feathered ribbon
* Pinking shears
* Scissors

Step 1: Fold the paper

Fold the handmade paper in half and in half again. Then fold it diagonally to make a cone shape.

Step 2: Trim

Trim the widest part of the cone with pinking shears to make the end rounded. Cut off the very end of the pointed part of the cone with scissors. Open the paper out to find a circle with a hole in the middle.

Step 3: Bend the wire

Cut a length of aluminium wire about 30cm long. Bend it in half and twist the bent end into a circle. This will be your fairy's head.

Step 4: Attach to the paper

Place the two ends of the wire through the hole in the circle of paper.

Step 5: Wind the wire

Cut some fine gold wire to about 20cm and wind around the top of the paper just below the head.

Step 6: Make a bodice

Cut a piece of aluminium wire about 20cm long and make a hook shape in the end. Wind it around the body underneath the head.

Step 7: Fairy wings

Take some feathered ribbon and cut it to about 10cm. Attach it to the body just below the head with a piece of fine wire, ensuring it is equal on either side.

Place your beautiful fairy on top of the tree.