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The secret to keeping your knitwear looking as good as new

Keep your favourite knitwear looking as good as new with this handy gadget. (Philips / Yahoo Life UK)
Keep your favourite knitwear looking as good as new with this handy gadget. (Philips / Yahoo Life UK)

There's nothing worse than putting on your favourite knitwear or coat only to find it absolutely covered in bobbles, right?

Sure, we’ve all tried a few DIY techniques, from dabbing with Sellotape to very gently gliding a razor across the fabric. But, chances are, you’ve had no luck getting rid of the lint.

Searching for a solution? Meet Philips Fabric Shaver, an affordable gadget that's the secret to keeping all your clothes in mint condition. With thousands of five-star reviews, some customers even call it "a magic little tool" that everyone should own.

Available in two colours: black and blue, it's currently on sale at Amazon for £14.70 and we suggest you snap it up while you can, as 10,000 have already been bought in the last month.

🛍️ Product on sale: Philips Fabric Shaver
💰 Best deal we've found: £14.70 down from £15.99
⭐ Average star rating: 4.5 out of 5
🛒 Reasons to buy: Easy to use, effectively removes pills, fuzz and bobbles, gives garments a new lease of life

Why we rate it

This affordable handheld gadget is the effective alternative for those wanting to bring a new lease of life into beloved, bobbled items.

Revive your clothes with this affordable gadget which easily removes pills, fuzz and bobbles. 

£14 at Amazon

It has been praised for its efficiency in getting rid of all of those unwanted balls of fluff, or hair, that collect on your clothes or on blankets within seconds.

The top-rated item is fitted with a fast spinning blade, contained within the device and protected by a mesh plate, for precise removal of random bits.

It glides seamlessly across fabrics, removing pills, fuzz and bobbles as it goes. (Philips)
You can pick it up in two colours: Black and Blue. (Philips)
It's easy to use and clean, with a removable tray for all the discarded lint. (Philips)

£14.70 £15.99 at Amazon

You can also adjust the cap, which means it can be used on delicate garments without causing any damage to your favourite clothes.

Plus, there are three different sized holes to collect even the smallest of pills, all of which are collected in a container that's easy to remove and empty after use.

What the reviews say

The Philips Fabric Shaver boasts over 100,000 reviews, 72% of which are five-star ratings.

One shopper described it as doing an "amazing job" at removing bobbles, fluff and fabric pills, while another called it a "excellent little gadget".

Others were impressed by how easy it was to use and how well it added life back into tired garments they had thought of throwing away until they got their hands on it, with many wishing they'd bought it sooner.

Shop now: Philips Fabric Shaver, Black | £14.70 (Was 15.99) from Amazon

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Shop now: Philips Fabric Shaver, Blue | 15.99 from Amazon

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