How posh are you? These 40 signs give away your class, according to Brits

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A new survey has revealed the classic signs of poshness. (Getty Images)
A new survey has revealed the classic signs of poshness. (Getty Images)

To work out of someone is 'posh, you might look for clues such as whether they have paintings of their ancestors hanging in their (stately) home, or whether they have a penchant for partaking in a game of croquet on the lawn.

But apparently there are some other, less immediately obvious, signs that can reveal whether somebody is truly posh, according to Brits surveyed by insights agency Perspectus Global.

Some of the more surprising giveaways include calling dinner 'supper', the toilet 'the loo' and referring to champagne as 'champers'.

The nationwide study delved into what Brits consider to be the traits of true 'poshness', and found that alongside the above linguistic cues, the owning of certain possessions make the 40-strong list.

Cooking your 'supper' on an Aga, driving an old Land Rover Defender and regularly donning your Barbour jacket, are all indicators you're part of the posh-set.

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Wearing tweed is a classic sign of poshness, according to the survey. (Getty Images)
Wearing tweed is a classic sign of poshness, according to the survey. (Getty Images)

Plus, there are some other, seemingly-innocuous, traits that also mark you out as posh, such as calling people 'darling' (clearly the survey participants have never watched TOWIE?), being good at small talk and having a loud laugh.

More obvious indicators of poshness include eating grouse and partridge for dinner (we mean supper), attending boarding school, having a family coat of arms and calling your pals by their second names.

Anyone else picturing the Made in Chelsea gang right now?

The words we use and the way we speak them can also offer an insight into our level of posh with 15% believing asking people 'where did you school?' is a sign, while 13% say knowing Latin is an indicator, as well as calling your parents 'mummy and daddy' well into adulthood.

Someone truly posh would also reject French words such as 'serviette', preferring to use the English term 'napkin', bien sur.

'Just going to whip up some supper on the Aga, darling'. (Getty Images)
'Just going to whip up some supper on the Aga, darling'. (Getty Images)

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The survey also revealed as many as two thirds (65%) of Brits know someone who thinks (emphasis on the word thinks) they are posh because they have a bit of cash, yet 81% said having money does not make you posh.

Meanwhile almost half (48%) of us say we know someone who is properly posh, which, according to the survey, means they would never say 'cutlery', but they know how to properly eat with a knife and fork.

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The study also found that less than a quarter of the nation (22%) have designs on being posh, despite 85% of the population agreeing that the class system is alive and well.

Commenting on the findings David Arnold of Perspectus Global said: “The research reveals a really interesting list of what Brits consider to be posh in the modern age, yet interestingly only 22% said they would like to be posh, which shows most Brits are a happy bunch, without a family coat of arms or a wine cellar”

Game of croquet anyone? (Getty Images)
Game of croquet anyone? (Getty Images)

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  1. You went to boarding school - 34%

  2. You have antiques and family heirlooms - 28%

  3. You have a wine cellar - 26%

  4. You have paintings of your ancestors - 26%

  5. You belong to an old private members club - 25%

  6. You NEVER discuss money - 25%

  7. You call your parents “mummy” and “daddy”, even when you are an adult - 24%

  8. You have a family coat of arms - 23%

  9. You ride horses - 22%

  10. Your dinner parties are catered - 22%

  11. You know how to eat properly with a knife and fork (you would never say cutlery) - 20%

  12. You have a gardener - 20%

  13. You call dinner “supper” - 20%

  14. You have silver - 19%

  15. You send proper invites to parties in the post - 18%

  16. You have a family tree - 17%

  17. You shoot - 17%

  18. You ski - 16%

  19. You wear tweed jackets - 16%

  20. You call everyone darling - 16%

  21. You play croquet - 15%

  22. You ask people, “where did you school”? - 15%

  23. You call Champagne “Champers” - 14%

  24. You call the toilet "the loo” - 14%

  25. You drive an old Land Rover Defender - 14%

  26. You wear an old Barbour jacket - 13%

  27. You know Latin - 13%

  28. You have shelves full of books - 13%

  29. You eat partridge and grouse - 13%

  30. You call their friends by their second names - 12%

  31. You are good at small talk - 12%

  32. You have a double-barreled name - 12%

  33. You love cricket - 12%

  34. You wear a gilet - 11%

  35. You like rugby but not football - 11%

  36. You say "napkin" instead of "serviette" - 10%

  37. You laugh very loudly - 10%

  38. You have an Aga - 10%

  39. You prefer loose leaf tea to tea bags - 10%

  40. You live in wellies - 9%

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