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How often should you wash your dressing gown?

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Stock picture of a woman sorting her washing in a dressing gown. (Getty Images)
You should probably be washing your dressing gown more often than you think. (Getty Images)

The humble dressing gown has become even more of a wardrobe hero this winter. With temperatures tumbling and energy prices soaring during the cost of living crisis, they've become a fundamental way to keep warm in a bid to save on heating costs.

While it's tempting to chuck yours back on the hook after every wear, there are actually some important reasons you should be keeping this wardrobe staple clean and fresh, especially during the colder months.

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"As we're more than likely wearing them over the top of clothing items instead of on their own, they're less likely to come into direct contact with the likes of body sweat, and therefore less bacteria from our bodies," ays Karl Huckerby, a cleaning expert from Spare and Square.

"However, they're now more likely to come into contact with external dirt and bacteria, including everything from splashes of food to make-up and cleaning products."

Our dressing gowns are working hard this winter. (Getty Images)
Our dressing gowns are working hard this winter. (Getty Images)

So, how often should you be washing your dressing gown?

According to the experts at Boux Avenue, you should be washing your dressing gown after four wears for hygiene reasons.

"As with all clothes, when wearing a dressing gown, the item is often in close proximity to your armpits and sweat, which can cause bacteria to spread. You need to wash it regularly as sweat can be acidic and damage the dressing gown," explains Siobhan Hayman, the brand's garment technologist.

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But if, like many of us, your dressing gown has become your daily garment of choice for keeping snug Huckerby recommends throwing it in the wash once a week.

"Washing in a 30 or 40 degree wash is favourable for many when washing a dressing gown once a week, but it's vital that you have the right washing tablets in order for this to be sufficiently clean," he explains.

"Dressing gowns can be hard to dry in the cold weather, but you should always follow your dressing gown's cleaning instructions to determine whether you use your tumble dryer or not. Using your tumble dryer just for your washing gown is likely to be expensive energy-wise, so air-drying is recommended."

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If you don't want to wash your dressing gown once a week or don't feel like you need to, Huckerby says you can spot clean your dressing gown.

"This is where you clean the spots that are dirty instead of the entire thing," he explains. "This is a great idea for those that are wearing their dressing gowns over the top of their clothes, as it helps remove any spillages or other stains without the need to throw your whole dressing gown into the wash."

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People are turning to their dressing gowns to stay warm during the cost of living crisis. (Getty Images)
People are turning to their dressing gowns to stay warm during the cost of living crisis. (Getty Images)

The experts at Boux Avenue have put together a Dressing Gown Care Guide for fluffy dressing gowns and also satin robes.

Follow these six steps and get the best results for your dressing gown after every wash:

  1. Ideally, wash your fluffy dressing gown approximately every four wears.

  2. Wash it all on its own, VIP-style.

  3. 40 degrees is the best temperature – any hotter risks damaging the soft fibres.

  4. Use a gentle detergent – and go easy on the dosage.

  5. Once washed, do not tumble dry.

  6. Air or line dry your robe and keep it hung up whenever you’re not wearing it.

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The advice is similar for satin dressing gowns, except these should be washed a little more often during the warmer months.

When it comes to ironing your robe, set the temperature to 40-65 degrees Celsius, turn your robe inside out and press the fabric gently.

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