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House proud women will spend two years of their lives cleaning their homes for Christmas

Nicola McCafferty
Yahoo Lifestyle
20 December 2012

House-proud women will spend the equivalent of two years of their lives cleaning their homes ready for Christmas.

Chores such as cleaning the bathrooms and vacuuming the house will mean many of us spend 50 minutes making sure everything is spic and span each day in the run up to December 25.

The time spent ensuring our homes are in pristine condition add up to more than 324 hours - almost two weeks every year - the new research revealed.

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And apparently that's still not enough, as over two-thirds of us will spend an extra three hours cleaning and tidying throughout December.

Despite all the extra work, more than half of those surveyed said they still dread guests seeing their house in a less than perfect state this Christmas.

Unsurprisingly, mother-in-laws were named as the Christmas visitor women most dread coming round.

Ildiko Egresfalvi, spokesperson for Bloo Flowers which commissioned the research, said: ''Most women are extremely house proud and want their home to be as clean and fresh as possible.

''And it seems that the constant stream of guests over the Christmas period only adds to the worry of making sure their house is as tidy as it can be."

He added: ''An unexpected visitor can leave house proud mums going into a panic if they haven't had change to spruce up their home beforehand.

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''There's nothing worse than thinking that friends and relatives might be sniping about the state of your loo because you didn't have the chance to give it a once over.''

The study of 2,000 women revealed 70 per cent consider themselves to be house proud, with an incredible 86 per cent admitting they spend even more time tidying if they have guests due to arrive.

More than three quarters even give their home a quick going over with the vacuum before their guest arrives, while another 73 per cent quickly wipe down their bathroom and toilets.

But because of this, 72 per cent feel put out if people arrive unannounced.

And while it's mother-in-laws who women named as the person they would least like to visit their home before they had chance to clean, their own parents and siblings weren't far behind.

Researchers found that the largest chunk of time women spent cleaning is on washing up, which accounts for an hour and 33 minutes every week.

Vacuuming, wiping and mopping floors takes an hour and 22 minutes each week while the average mum also spends an hour and nine minutes dusting and wiping down surfaces and skirting boards.

Scrubbing the bathroom or en-suite accounts for an hour and four minutes, while cleaning the toilets takes mums another 44 minutes per week.

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