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How to Wear a Feather Top During the Day

Let it peek out from underneath a more muted leather trench, so as to downplay it a bit for now. But once you're out and about in the evening, take off that jacket and show off the silk slip skirt it was made to be paired with.

How to Make Your Going-Out Top Daytime Chic For Anything on the Agenda

There is no shortage of street style trends from Fashion Week this season, but the going-out top might be my favorite yet. Yes, it's the middle of Winter, but that doesn't mean you have to hurry home at the end of the day and skip a drink with friends just because the sun is setting. (This is coming from someone who likes to make sure her cat is fed at 7 p.m. on the dot, so maybe I should practice what I preach. But I digress . . . ) Everywhere I look, I'm seeing women in brilliant tops that peek out from under their thick coats or oversize blazers - from asymmetrical, one-sleeved designs with sashes that trail down the legs of their denim to embellished tank tops that you'd normally throw on with skinny jeans and heels if it was your best friend's weekend birthday bash.

Most of the women here were flocking from runway show to runway show, and while you've probably heard that a lot of style influencers change multiple times throughout the day during Fashion Week, I'd prefer to take a tip from the gals who are more one-and-done when it comes to their outfits, because that's my style: one look and I'm out the door. Anyway, on a regular day, that's probably their style, too. So how do these tasteful dressers work their going-out tops into their ensembles in the morning? There's a whole handful of options. Scroll through to see the hacks I came across, then go ahead and spruce up your evening wardrobe, just in case you'd like to style an outfit that works from a.m. to p.m. And hey, maybe, you know, your SO can feed the cat tonight.


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