This Hot Chocolate Bomb Is Big Enough To Feed A Whole Family

Kelly Allen
·1-min read
Photo credit: @laura.shearer/tiktok
Photo credit: @laura.shearer/tiktok

From Delish

Here’s a challenge for anyone who’s tired of regular ol’ hot chocolate bombs: make a massive one instead. Someone on TikTok tweaked the wintertime trend by enlarging it. While the hot chocolate bomb takes a minute to melt, it’s exciting to anticipate nevertheless.

A two-part video from TikToker @laura.shearer shows a giant hot chocolate bomb being placed into a big pot full of hot milk. The bomb looks like it’s made of milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. For a jazzy, snazzy touch, the chocolate sphere is covered in blue and white sprinkles. As the hunk of chocolate slowly melts, someone uses a ladle to pour a bit of the milk on top of it in the hope it will melt faster. Eventually, the hot chocolate bomb does its job and breaks apart to reveal hot cocoa powder and plenty of marshmallows — though, you don’t see that until the second video!

As we know from many other TikTok food trends — from eggvelopes to a pasta grazing table — making anything bigger than it needs to be is always a good idea. If you’re too impatient to wait for a big hot chocolate bomb to melt, you can speed up the process by putting less milk in the pot and pouring a pitcher of hot milk over it at a constant rate. Problem solved! No matter how you go about it, creating a giant hot chocolate bomb is a solid sweets-related activity to preoccupy yourself.

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