Horror fans are trying to guess which movie is being teased by NEON's mysterious videos

 Teaser videos for new NEON horror movie.
Teaser videos for new NEON horror movie.

Movie distributor NEON is keeping horror fans on tenterhooks with a series of cryptic teasers for a mystery movie.

The latest clip shows an FBI agent uncovering a trap door with a crucifix on top of it. As the door opens, the video cuts to a veiled figure sitting with their back to the camera. "Are you still saying your prayers?" a voice asks. "Our prayers protect us from the devil. This footage is briefly interrupted by rapid flashes of black and white images: limbs sticking out from under covers, a bloody knife, and a 'Happy Birthday' banner.

Some symbols flash on screen at the end of the video, which fans are trying to determine the meaning of. "Hail Satan" seems to be the most common guess right now – based on a cipher found in the previous teaser, released last week.

This video, titled 'Every year there is another,' shows a family photo featuring a young girl and two grinning parents. "911, what's your emergency?" says a call operator. "It's my daughter," a voice answers. "I've gotta be quiet. That's not my daughter."

As the last sentence is said, the family photo is switched out for a disembodied pair of legs – with three arms attached to the torso above. Symbols periodically flash up over the image and are revealed in full at the end of the video, which fans have worked out spell out the title of one of Neon's upcoming releases: Longlegs.

Directed by Gretel & Hansel helmer Oz Perkins, the movie will star It Follows' Maika Monroe as Lee Harker, an FBI agent assigned to an unsolved serial killer case – with a link to the occult. As she gets deeper into the case, though, Lee discovers that she has a personal connection to the killer. Nicolas Cage, Alicia Witt, and Blair Underwood will also star.

Longlegs doesn't have a release date just yet. While we wait, you can check out our guide to the other most exciting upcoming horror movies on the way in 2024.