Your horoscope for the week ahead: 16 to 22 May 2022

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Astrologer to the stars Debbie Frank has shared her weekly horoscopes with HELLO! Online readers. Find out what the stars have in store for you below...


The slithery connection between Mars and Neptune in the water sign of Pisces midweek suggests you're slipping and sliding in a formless situation. Like handling wet clay, you need to work with it before it can take shape. Allow yourself plenty of time to experiment and you could rather enjoy this act of creation.


Coming down to earth after the lunar eclipse takes some doing and temporarily you may feel as if you've lost your bearings. However by the 19th you get a power surge that means you're back on track and ready to look at new potential rather than hanker after the old days.


Mercury's skittish retrograde in Gemini reminds you to take life lightly, let any disappointments go and look at your current story line as being full of opportunities to try out something new. As the Sun enters Gemini season on Saturday 21st you'll sense a total re-vitalisation is imminent.


Perhaps your dreams are looking very far away right now as Mars and Neptune create mirages in Pisces. It's important to discern what's real from the illusion even if it's fun to fantasise. The Sun's alignment with the truth serum inherent in planet Pluto on Thursday leaves you in no doubt as to the significance of a special someone.


A potent eclipse has given you food for thought as to your direction in life and how necessary it is to keep checking in with what feels right. There are some question marks hanging over an alliance or agreement and if you're wondering if someone is fudging the truth, now is the time to put them on the spot.


If it feels like a mist has descended over a business interest or personal relationship put it down to Mars and Neptune's spooky, surreal aura. Perhaps you've lost heart over this arrangement or feel as if you've been chasing a fool's gold. If so, it's best to be honest with yourself at this point and loosen the ties.


If your natural talent is in creating harmony and balance it can be disheartening to spend too long wading through a mess. Yet this is where you find yourself and you're almost at the point of giving up on something. However no experience is ever wasted and you can emerge with your sense of humour intact and all will be well.


The recent eclipsed Full Moon in your sign is still sending ripples through your psyche this week. It's all about knowing where to place your passion for life, with whom to engage and where to leave things alone. This doesn't even require a big think, as you're being guided to make inspired and intuitive decisions.


A re-shuffle is taking place within your own personal cabinet as Mercury retrogrades through the relationship angle of your chart. If you're finding yourself drawn to some and taking a step back from others then recognise your needs are changing and evolving. No one stays the same forever – least of all an adventure-seeking archer.


There are times when life has a way of impacting our capacity to feel that we are master of our own destiny and you're currently in a phase when it's more helpful to read the room, the signs and signals rather than trying to control what happens. No-one can take away the strength of your spirit so act as if you're lit from within.


It takes a lot more energy to hold on rather than let go and it's possible the universe is asking if you really need to maintain the old status quo. It looks likely something has to give as Mars and Neptune bend things out of shape. Stay curious as to what will happen next. You always turn up trumps.


You are a giver by nature, but as Mars and Neptune unite in your sign it's likely that you have lost yourself in other people's needs. If you're experiencing any kind of drain in your energy field it's a sign that you need to step back and revive yourself. You'll be surprised how easily vampires can move on to their next supply!

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