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What a rush! All week long, expressive Mercury will zing through Aries, charging up every conversation with energy and excitement. Forget what your mum told you about talking to strangers. Meeting new people — even sharing quick bits of conversation with random passersby — will be exhilarating. The only trouble is, we can be a little too quick to label people as amazing or to write them off as not worth our time. First impressions do count, but seeing people in a variety of situations is what will truly reveal their character. With solid Saturn trading friendly fire with Mercury on Tuesday, we'll get another nudge to branch out. Saturn is touring Sagittarius, the sign that rules international affairs and cross-cultural connections. Time to tear down those Trump-sized walls and mingle with people from different backgrounds.

On Thursday, Mercury syncs up with future-forward Uranus, sounding the call for change. Do you see an opportunity to make your corner of the world a better place? With both planets in innovative Aries, creative ideas for doing so will flow freely. But practice a little anger management along with the activism. There's nothing wrong with getting fired up for a cause! But Aries is also the warrior sign — basic disagreements could turn into raging battles if we forget to breathe.

You're a force to be reckoned with this week, Aries, as unfiltered Mercury cruises through your sign. The words coming out of your mouth could surprise you, even! And while you'll fire off some Tweetable one-liners, you'll have more than just witty barbs to spout. With solid Saturn in your philosophical ninth house, you could type up a personal manifesto or a searing op-ed, or even shoot a viral video. Your leadership skills come to the fore, too, so don't hesitate to hop into the captain's seat. People will appreciate your energetic, visionary brand of direction!

On Thursday, your independent spirit is ignited as rebellious Uranus meets up with Mercury. Liberate yourself from situations that are draining your energy or zapping your time without a proper ROI. Warning: Even though you've been dissatisfied for a while, your departure might seem sudden in their eyes. Try to make a graceful exit so you don't turn future allies into enemies. In other words, Aries, tie up loose ends and finish up projects so you don't leave people in the lurch. Remember: Just because it's new and exciting, doesn't make it better. Weigh your options carefully before you "upgrade." Wherever you go, there you are.

Your intuition is off the charts this week, Taurus, as Mercury weaves through your esoteric 12th house. Pay attention to subtle signals, like body language, which can say tons more than the words coming out of anyone's mouth. In fact, what people aren't saying could be more telling than anything. If you sense something is amiss, conduct your own private investigation. What you turn up could surprise you or bring a flood of relief. Either way, it's better to find out sooner than later. The muse could drop by for a hangout, too, so don't overbook your schedule. When creativity strikes, you'll do your best work in private.

Shoo away the energy vampires in the second half of the week. You know who they are, Taurus — the ones who come to you with constant complaints and cries for help, yet consistently repeat the same self-defeating mistakes. Unless they're planning to pony up a therapist's fee for your time, hashing out their problems should not be such a core concern for you. It's time to put better boundaries in place. Think of it as "cruel to be kind." By pushing people to empower themselves (instead of rushing in for the save), they'll grow stronger and more independent: a true win-win.

You reap what you sow, Gemini, and all those friendly vibes you've been spreading around town are about to pay off! With your ruling planet Mercury spinning through your social 11th house, your popularity is rising like Kim Kardashian's post-pregnancy hemlines. Friends have been forever inviting you to join them in activities. This week, let your answer be a clear, simple yes! Near Tuesday, you could even meet your "other half" through this social experimentation. If you're in a relationship, socialising together as a pair will strengthen your bond. Join forces and plan a party. Watching your respective friend groups mingle will be fascinating. Single Gems could plan a successful gathering this week, too — a chance to introduce all the fabulous people you know to each other.

In the second half of the week, however, you'll want to break away from any crews that have become too cliquey; or at least create some breathing room. Liberated Uranus joins forces with Mercury, reminding you that you can be a free agent and a card-carrying member of a group. (Such is the paradox of being a Gemini, right?) By the same token, make sure you're giving the VIPs in your world enough attention. You don't want to spread yourself so thin that the ones you adore get shuffled to the back burner. Eccentric artists, freethinking intellectuals, and inspiring activists will attract you, so veer away from "dinner and a movie" this weekend and go explore some intriguing new crowds.

Business cards? Check! With expressive Mercury charging through your career zone all week, you could make some killer connections. Treat every moment like a networking opportunity. Hey, you never know who might be waiting next to you for their morning espresso. Seek out industry events, too, so you put yourself in the influencer's direct line of fire. Not sure how to get your peep-toe in the door? Try volunteering at a charitable event, which fuels your natural desire to care for your fellow humans and allows you to rub shoulders with caring VIPs. At work, offer to assist on a special project, even if it means putting in a few extra hours. Think of it as an investment in your future contact database. After all, it really is all about who you know.

Your relationship with an important guy could hit a rough patch near Thursday, when Mercury locks horns with erratic Uranus. If he does something that pisses you off, it would be easy to explode. And let's be honest, you can store up a lot of ammunition, Crab! And while you may be justifiably angry, that's no excuse for hitting homeboy below the belt. Grab your yoga mat then meet a levelheaded friend to dissect over dinner, post asanas. We teach people how to treat us, Cancer, and there's a good chance you spoiled this dude. Yes, you need to switch up your game, but you don't have to punish him in the process.

Festival season is ramping up — and not a moment too soon for you, Leo! Sitting still will not be easy as frenetic Mercury whips through Aries and your ninth house of travel and worldly adventures. Should you find yourself looking into road trips or starting a "Solange Style" board on Pinterest, we wouldn't be surprised. Let your bohemian side take the wheel, but remember that old adage: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With stern Saturn angling Mercury early this week, you might not be able to jet off on a spontaneous getaway. But you can start sorting out the details so you can slip off strategically, like this savvy traveller who backpacks around the world without threatening the stability of her full-time job. You could travel in the figurative sense, too. This week could bring romantic or creative chemistry with someone of a different cultural background, a good reason to meet friends for drinks at a cool hotel bar.

Use your words wisely in the second half of the week. With rebellious Uranus meeting Mercury on Thursday, dropping uncensored truth bombs could so some serious damage to your important relationships. Even if you're just trying to be helpful, keep critiques to yourself unless your honest opinion is asked for. Lightening the mood with humour might not be appropriate in every situation, either. As hard as it is to keep those tips and quips to yourself, Leo, if the mood is stressful, silence is golden.

Start practicing that smoky cat eye, Virgo. You're in #MinxMode this week as flirty Mercury (your ruling planet) slinks through your erotic eighth house. But where to beam those seductive charms? Chasing after the elusive bad boy or girl is a serious waste of time. Stable Saturn casts a vote for the nice guys on Tuesday and you could discover that this is not at all synonymous with boredom. For all you know, that hottie in the blue oxford could be "tame in the streets, a tiger in the sheets." Let those sparks ignite. Already spoken for? Your bond could settle into a blissfully predictable groove. As someone who craves a steady rhythm in relationships, this will feel like sweet relief. Topics on the table could include moving in together, introducing each other to close friends or parents, or planning your first major couples' vacay.

Keeping the green-eyed monster in check won't be easy in the second half of the week. You'll be feeling extra possessive then, but may be prone to rash behaviour, too. Maybe that really is your crush's childhood friend hugging 'em in the uncaptioned 'gram. Jumping to conclusions is a little too easy, so get the facts before you react. You may be surprised by the strength of your own feelings, too, so pay attention. Someone's had more of an effect on you that you realised — and that connection could very well be worth pursuing.

You're a die-hard romantic, Libra, but here's a tough fact: Sometimes, love is not enough. Without a shared sense of security and commitment, it's hard for you to relax and drop your guard. This week, messenger Mercury dances through your committed relationship house, making you think about your deep-down needs from a partner. And hey, that goes for both pleasure and business. Friendship, too. Before you join forces with anyone, it's important to check in: Are you on the same page about core values? Do you want similar things from life...or at least for the next year or two? And how openly can you communicate? It's easy to get caught in the pleaser trap, showing your best side and avoiding disagreement at all costs. Unfortunately, hiding your true self can do more damage to a bond than an argument can. Circumstances this week will push you to open up and voice your opinions — yes, even the ones that may divide you from your "other half." Dare to differentiate, Libra. This could actually create more chemistry that being agreeable ever has.

On Thursday, Mercury syncs up with community-spirited Uranus. Make your motto "the more the merrier" for the second half of the week. Someone you meet at a group hangout could be the missing puzzle piece in your life. A mutual friend could play accidental Cupid by inviting one of her amazing pals to tag along for your Friday night fun. Just stay open, Libra. The kindness of "strangers" could make you swoon.

Sedentary Scorpios, rise from your chairs! Restless Mercury pings through your healthy living sector this week, ordering you to move your body. And we're not just talking about standing up for an hourly stretch. With structure-hound Saturn in cahoots with Mercury, it's time to create a legit routine for yourself. If 90-minute hot yoga sessions or CrossFit cult status is not a fit with your schedule, don't worry. Shorter, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has proven benefits, even for 20 to 30 minutes. To succeed at this mission, remove all randomisation from the process. (And maybe motivate yourself with a new pair of yoga pants.) Pick a minimum of three weekly time slots that you'll devote to exercise. If you belong to a studio, commit to a few classes you'll attend as a regular. If you're already a fitness addict, try mixing things up a bit, so you're working new muscle groups. Mix a spin class in with your Pilates or some weight training in with your sun salutations. Your energy levels will soar and so will your sex drive — always a plus for your erotically inclined sign.

Do some laps around the office while you're at it. On Thursday, communal Uranus syncs up with Mercury, reminding you that there is no "I" in "team." Chit-chatting with coworkers is a smart strategy, especially if you've been feeling overburdened with responsibilities or just dreading going to work each day. The social aspect of your job is one of its benefits. But if you're not feeling the company's culture, this might be the week to start circulating your CV and making your exit strategy. As a sensitive Scorpio, you are affected by the company you keep.

You're a full-on maximalist this week, Sagittarius — zero fucks given. With messenger Mercury setting off sparks in Aries and your flamboyant fifth house, your bold statements could be wildly applauded. But you're not just here to be "the entertainment." Wise Saturn (which is touring Sagittarius and your first house of self-image until December 2017) syncs up with Mercury this week, helping you streamline and strategise. Don't waste your gifts on an unappreciative — or undeserving — audience. Aim high with your efforts and target people who are actually a great fit for your talents. The right ones will warm up to you quickly and fire back with their own brand of awesomeness. By the time the week is through, you could be rolling with a squad of kindred spirits and even drawing some public recognition.

Romantically, the week could bring some highs, along with a few unexpected surprises. A secret crush could be revealed or you could blurt out your feelings to the one you've been adoring from a distance. Warning: Don't play with fire unless you're ready to tend to the blazes. With unpredictable Uranus meeting Mercury on Thursday, you'll be especially susceptible to the temptation of a dangerous liaison. Find a healthy outlet for your mojo, like planning an adventurous date with your honey or kicking off the weekend one day early with an epic night of dancing.

Give your inner circle top billing on your schedule this week, Capricorn. With messenger Mercury weaving through your home and family zone, you'll crave the company of people who let you drop your guard and love you unconditionally. If it's time to bury the hatchet with a close friend or relative, plan a heart-to-heart on (or near) Tuesday. That day, your ruling planet, measured and mature Saturn, will lend extra support for healing and forgiveness. But that doesn't mean sweeping problems under the rug. The key to these conversations' success is to take a non-blaming approach. Try making direct requests and using "I language," rather than the finger-pointing "you." For example, "I'd really love to spend more quality time together" will likely yield better results than, "You never invite me to hang out anymore." Get it?

There could be a few shakeups on the home front, too, especially on Thursday, when unpredictable Uranus meets up with Mercury for the day. If you're ready to scout out new digs, you could radar in on the perfect roommates, or even find a place that's all your own. Practice a little anger management when a loved one pushes your buttons. Firing off an unfiltered retort could do more damage than you think. Communal Uranus could also inspire you to play host, so get your Top Chef on and send out invites for a weekend dinner party or movie night.

Hello, super-connector! The planets appoint you "crew glue" this week, so take it upon yourself to bring all the fabulous people you know together. You don't have to spend hours cleaning up your apartment and whipping up a blog-worthy dinner party spread. A laid-back hang at your favourite local bar will be just fine. Some Aquarians will feel the urge to expand your social influence. Get involved in a group activity, spring-summer sports league, or even an activist cause that speaks to your soul. The friends you meet through these extracurriculars could become lifelong pals.

In the second half of the week, you'll be challenged to speak up for your values. With Mercury connecting to your ruler, principled and progressive Uranus, you just can't sit back and watch injustices happen. This could be tricky, as you may be the odd woman out in the crowd. But don't get swept along in groupthink! If you feel strongly about a topic, let your voice be heard. You could open people's minds to an important perspective — or at least get a dialogue going that helps everyone negotiate a compromise.

Who says money is a taboo topic? With expressive Mercury weaving through your finance zone all week, get the conversations flowing about cold, hard cash. Your curiosity could lead to an income spike, so don't be shy about asking management about growth opportunities or positions opening up within the company. Or, if you know it's time to start looking around elsewhere, this is the week to start searching in earnest. Beyond that, grill your fiscally savvy friends about their savings strategies. Burning faster than your earning doesn't have to be your fate. You may decide to close up most (if not all) of your credit cards and transferring all the balances to a low-interest loan. The stress of debt can weigh on you, but you don't have to be stuck there, Pisces. Enlist a financial planner or check out The Daily Worth to start maximising your money mojo.

Get out in nature in the second half of the week! You could use some wide open spaces to clear your head. Plus, the budding trees and bright tulips will be a great reminder that the best things in life are free. Gather up some branches for a DIY home decor project, like a necklace hanger or chandelier. Depending on the climate you live in, you might even take your workouts al fresco. A weekend hike with your friends can be an adventurous way to get in those 10,000 (or more) steps.

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