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Venus Australis

This week may feel a little like being on the inside of a Gilmore Girls episode — developing our art of conversation will be top of mind as the sun lights up Gemini. Communication planet Mercury also tours this sign, increasing the speed of our thoughts and words. On top of that, we’ll be interested in enjoying earthly pleasures as Venus moves through sensual Taurus. Layer yourself in quick-change outfits as the temperature continues to rise and fall throughout the coming days. Fight the urge to begin new projects on Sunday, and put your energy into finishing up your outstanding tasks. The moon enters her last quarter on Sunday, waning in sensitive Pisces until 12.20am on Tuesday. When the moon wanes in this sign, she heightens our psychic powers and intuition. Do a gut check with yourself before putting a bow on anything that you send out the door.

You’ll be motivated to get things done quickly on Tuesday when the moon enters Aries at 2.31am. Harness this can-do attitude as she reflects the Ram’s vibrant spirit until Thursday at 11.07am. Take your foot off the gas and relax as the moon goes void-of-course for the rest of the day. Stick to simple tasks that require the least amount of effort. Thursday brings a fanciful vibe as charming Venus sextiles dreamy Neptune. Romance blossoms when you start to take life a little less seriously, so why not let go? It’s also an auspicious day for creatives — get in touch with your inner maker and listen to your instincts.

Choose your words carefully on Thursday, when communication planet Mercury opposes a retrograde Jupiter. It’s a bit easier for us to stumble over our words when these two planets oppose each other. The moon enters steady Taurus on Friday at 12.42am and remains there until end of day on Saturday. When the moon tours this sign, she gives you an added dose of patience in your approach to work and the energy to finish strong as the week ties up.

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March 21 to April 19

You’re delighted by debates this week, Aries. Exercise your brain as the sun, your personal planet of enjoyment and creativity, illuminates your third house of communication, thought and community. The moon enters your sign early on Tuesday morning at 2.31am, inspiring you to take charge on the completion of projects that you had set out to accomplish earlier this month. You’ll notice that others are on the same wavelength while the moon wanes in Aries until 11.07am. The moon is your personal ruler of home and family, so make time to check in with your loved ones, and seek feedback from them on your final edits if you’re sending out a project or letter. Venus, your planetary ruler of love and money, sextiles intuitive Neptune on Thursday, asking you to look a little deeper into your quest for both emotional and material fulfilment. Neptune is responsible for the Ram’s development of inner self and search for deeper meaning. Listen to your heart and think about balancing your wants against your needs. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself this Thursday when Mercury, your personal planet of wellbeing, opposes Jupiter, your planetary ruler of education, travel and expansion. Take care of your body and prioritise your health above all else — make sure that you’re able to enjoy the ride.

Celia Jacobs.

April 20 to May 20

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and talk brass tacks about your finances, Taurus. The sun, your personal planet of home and family life, highlights your second house of finances, values and possessions all week. You’re comfortable thinking about and discussing cash, as your financial planet Mercury moves through his own sign of Gemini. Venus, your personal planet of wellbeing, sextiles imaginative Neptune on Thursday, encouraging you to explore new ways to enhance your health. Why not try out a new morning ritual to start your day on the right foot? Try it out for a week and see how it can improve your mood. It may be a little harder to focus on Thursday when Mercury, your financial ruler, opposes lucky Jupiter. Take a deep breath and write down all your thoughts to get some space from the question at hand. Come back to your obstacle on Friday, after the moon enters your sign at 12.42am. You’ll have fresh new eyes and instincts to follow as she remains there through Saturday.


May 21 to June 20

Enjoy the spotlight this week, Gemini. The sun lights your first house of self, first impressions and appearance this week, giving you an extra twinkle. Your confidence is magnetic as your ruling planet, Mercury, speeds through his own sign of Gemini. The communication planet also doubles as your domestic ruler, helping you to think quickly and solve problems around the house with ease. Get ready to dazzle your coworkers on Thursday when charming Venus sextiles Neptune, your career planet. Make sure that you get some face time with your manager or higher-ups while these planets move together to get your agenda heard. In a relationship? Enjoy each other’s silence on Thursday when Mercury opposes Gemini’s love planet, Jupiter. It’s easier for words to be misunderstood or lose focus in conversation — don’t sweat the small stuff! Tie up loose ends this week as the moon, your financial planet, wanes.

Amber Vittoria.

June 21 to July 22

Tucking into that cosy crabshell of yours could pay off, Cancer. This week, your financial planet, the sun helps you to make some inspired decisions as he lights up your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability and conclusion. Make time to connect with your soul’s purpose as you seek to find meaning in your work. Mercury, your personal ruler of inner growth, tours his own sign of Gemini all week, accelerating your thoughts. It’s a good idea to hide away on Thursday when your domestic ruler Venus sextiles lucky Neptune. The blue planet is responsible for offering you little doses of good luck, which can be found at home as you revitalise yourself. If you normally sleep with a white noise machine or fan, why not test out pink noise, a lower frequency buzz, to help you take off to dreamland a little faster? Spiritual Mercury opposes Jupiter, your personal planet of wellbeing on Thursday, splitting your focus. Attack your most important tasks before the moon goes void-of-course at 11.07am and release your worries. Jump back into action on Friday when the moon enters steady Taurus.

Ariel Davis.

July 23 to August 22

Entertaining a crowd is one of your best skills, Leo. You’ll be performing for your favourite people and colleagues all week as the sun gazes on your 11th house of groups, friendships and goals. A little charm can go a long way — if you’re fundraising for a personal passion project, you could find investors while your financial planet Mercury moves through his own sign of Gemini. Get in touch with your creative side at work on Thursday when your career ruler Venus sextiles dreamy Neptune. Take a risk and create the kinds of projects that you’re proud to show off. You’ll be interested in working with your hands or getting out of the office while Venus moves through material Taurus. Stick to big picture ideas and avoid discussing cash on Thursday, when money-minded Mercury opposes expansive Jupiter in retrograde. When these two planets oppose each other, it can be difficult to find focus. Listen to your intuition and do your research before going ahead with any financial decisions! If you’re still stuck, sleep on it.

Lynnie Z.

August 23 to September 22

It’s time for you to revamp the way that you present yourself to the world, Virgo. The sun lights your 10th house of career, structure and public image this week, giving your clout a boost. Make a list of the people who you want to connect with this week and reach out while Mercury, your career planet, moves through his own sign of Gemini. Don’t let your thoughts run wild on Thursday when Mercury, your professional ruler, opposes Jupiter, your domestic planet. It might be more difficult for you to explain your work concerns to your loved ones, or have your coworkers relate to your personal matters when these two planets are at odds with each other. Venus, your financial ruler, sextiles your love planet Neptune on Thursday, making way for some creative date night ideas with your partner. Trade in dinner at your local haunt for a chance to giggle at a comedy show, or trivia night.

Simone Noronha.

September 23 to October 22

Get outside of your comfort zone this week, Libra. Seek to enrich your experiences while the sun highlights your ninth house of exploration, adventure and belief this week. Mercury, your personal ruler of inner growth and good luck, moves through his own sign of Gemini, helping you to better understand your desires and goals. Try to think objectively about what you need to finish up at work while the moon, your career ruler, wanes. It’s best to finish outstanding tasks rather than begin new projects. Do something special for yourself on Thursday as your ruling planet Venus sextiles Neptune, your personal planet of health and work. It can be as simple as reducing your screen time or adjusting your phone to dark mode. Plan a little alone time on Thursday when sensitive Mercury opposes Jupiter, Libra’s communication planet. Let your emotions and thoughts solidify in your brain before you let them out when this movement passes. Tune out the world and tune into yourself.

Sarah Mazzeti.

October 23 to November 21

Is it time for a career change, Scorpio? Your career planet, the sun, lights up your eighth house of transformation, mystery and dramatic change all week, helping you to connect the dots of what makes you truly happy at work. Invite people whom you admire out for lunch and surf hiring websites to see if anything piques your interest. If you’re interviewing for a new gig, dazzle them with your preparation. Skip conversations about cash on Thursday when chatty Mercury opposes Jupiter, your financial planet. Let love guide you on Thursday when Venus, your romantic ruler, sextiles dreamy Neptune. It’s a brilliant day to connect with someone new, or bring a bit of lightness into your relationship. Spritz on your favourite scent, and invite your partner out for a night of fun and flirting.

Kelsey Wrotten.

November 22 to December 21

Sometimes, you can’t do it alone Sagittarius. Who do you need help from? Work on your networking skills this week as the sun lights your seventh house of partnerships, contracts and business. Look for meet-ups in your area, or do a little digging on the communities that you want to learn from. You’ve got a lot to bring to the table — share it with people you’d like to collaborate with. Mercury, your career ruler, lends you extra courage as you navigate these new relationships while he moves through his own sign of Gemini all week. Be gentle with yourself on Thursday, when Mercury opposes your ruling planet Jupiter. Mercury also rules your sense of romance and love, so brush off any misspoken words. Thursday brightens up when Venus, your personal planet of health and work, sextiles Neptune, your domestic ruler. Clean up your work area at home and decorate it to inspire new creative pathways.

Kissi Ussuki.

December 22 to January 19

It’s time for a self-care tune-up, Capricorn. The sun inhabits your sixth house of health, order and service this week, encouraging you to take care of your most basic needs. Take advantage of the sun’s help while responsible Saturn, your ruling planet, is retrograde. Mercury, your personal planet of health and work supports the structures that you create this week as he moves through his own quick-thinking sign of Gemini. The moon, your love ruler, wanes all week, helping singles to get a better perspective of who they should be spending their time with. On Thursday, you’re on fire at the office when Venus, your career ruler, sextiles Neptune, your communication planet. Keep your focus on work while Mercury, your personal planet of wellbeing, opposes Jupiter, your spiritual ruler. Your mind needs to stay in work mode — any deviation to more profound subjects could throw you off track. Save your downtime for the weekend when you can unwind and disconnect.

Loveis Wise.

January 20 to February 18

You’re lighter than air this week, Aquarius. Your romantic ruler, the sun, illuminates your fifth house of creativity, pleasure and romance, injecting whimsy into everything you do. Take long lunches, explore new routes to work, and fly solo to events you’ve been dying to see. Even menial tasks will be enjoyable while the moon, your personal planet of health and work, wanes.

You’re excited to socialise and collaborate as Mercury moves through his own sign of Gemini. Connect with people whom you admire and get their feedback on your passion projects. You never know what ideas could spring forth. Looking to upgrade your space? You could have an interior design epiphany on Thursday when your domestic ruler Venus sextiles your financial planet Neptune.

Hilda Palafox.

February 19 to March 20

Home is where you’ll find strength this week, Pisces. The sun, your personal planet of wellbeing, highlights your fourth house of family, instincts and foundations, inspiring you to connect to your roots for support. Pay attention to your intuition on Sunday and Monday while the moon, your personal ruler of creativity and romance, inhabits your sign. Tie up loose ends and act with compassion while the moon wanes until 12.20am on Tuesday. Step into the spotlight on Thursday, when charming Venus sextiles Neptune, your ruling planet. Separate your personal life from work on Thursday when Mercury, your personal planet of love, home and family, opposes your career ruler Jupiter. Compartmentalise your emotions and blow off steam during the weekend in the comfort of your home.

Rachel Jo.

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