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Venus Australis

We tend to complain about Mercury retrograde because we don't know what else to blame for our problems. Besides, everyone else does it and misery loves company, right? As satisfying as whining about Mercury may feel in the moment, we should probably put a more positive spin on its retrograde periods. They're nothing new, they happen three times a year, and, trust us, they're actually pretty darn helpful. Try meditating this week on what this slow-down has done for you. Before the scapegoat planet goes direct next week, consider the benefits of a much-needed reset.

Mars starts the week off with a bang when it enters Capricorn. Since the red planet is still retrograde (and making even our best-laid plans move in slow motion), this is an opportunity to rehash, reorganise, and restore anything that's bugging you at work — leave any executing for after the 27th, when Mars goes direct.

If you have some free time on Sunday, spend some time tidying up and cleaning out your home as the moon enters Virgo. Don't be surprised if you suddenly have a Terminator-like ability to zero in on the sneakiest messes. We might be feeling more social (and ready to host an impromptu shindig) when the moon enters Libra on Tuesday.

March 21 to April 19

Get ready to start moving and grooving again, Aries! This final week of Mercury’s retrograde may inspire you to take it slow in matters of your health and at work. Even if you're chomping at the bit, do what you can to make the most of this “me time” before the messenger planet goes direct on the 19th. How has this retrograde changed your habits, Ram? Consider which changes you'd like to keep for the long-term this week.

Your relationships may have felt a shift last week while Venus took her solstice. If you're attached, you may feel as though you're headed toward a major milestone with your partner. As you progress as a pair, what can you do to follow through on supporting them? Whatever you choose to do, they'll appreciate it. Single? Venus' movement may have inspired you to rethink what you're looking for in a partner — or if you even want to look for one at all right now. If you're enjoying yourself, keep your heart open to new experiences, but don't worry about rushing into anything.

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April 20 to May 20

When Venus entered Libra at the end of last week, she trickled her energy down to you, Taurus, and now she's here to help you glow from the inside out. If you want to boost that glow even further, focus on nurturing your physical self this week.

If you've been itching to go shopping or drop some serious dough this week, do what you can to hold off. Your financial planet, Mercury, ends its retrograde on the 19th of August, so hit pause on the spending until then. Besides, Taureans tend to gravitate toward luxury and if you wait until after the retrograde, your purchases will be more timeless than trendy. The same thing goes for making any investments — wait until the time is right.

Mars, your planet of spirituality, is still out of bounds and retrograde. You may be exploring some beliefs that you wouldn't have otherwise considered. Continue to experiment before the planet ends it retrograde on 27th August.

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May 21 to June 20

Last Saturday's solar eclipse created a brand new, totally clean slate for you, Gemini. And that means having a clearer mind than you've had in a while — you'll be able to pick up what anyone is putting down. If you've been waiting for a boost of confidence, the eclipse may have given you a brand new perspective on how dope you really are. This tractor beam of super-sun juice will stay with you until the next solar eclipse in early 2019. Prepare to shine like you know you can, Gem.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is still retrograde this week. So, while you'll definitely be feeling yourself thanks to that residual eclipse energy, make sure you're still taking things slow when it comes to health and work. Your financial planet, the moon, started waxing last Saturday. If you've got an investment plan that you've been waiting to start, harness that powers to save for something fabulous!

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June 21 to July 22

Did last week's solar eclipse target your financial views, Cancer? This celestial shakeup will likely influence your relationship with money in the months to come. With any luck, it'll inspire you to get organise and develop a clear strategy around your cash use. This newfound dedication to your financial health may also urge you to attack anything that you've left undone recently — especially if doing so means a bump in your next salary slip. Expect the energy from this eclipse to linger until the next partial solar eclipse in January 2019.

If you've been feeling unsteady at work, keep hanging on, dear Crab. Mars, your career planet, is still out of bounds and retrograde. You can make it throughout any uncertainty if you keep sidestepping. You've got a tough shell, so use it this week.

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July 23 to August 22

What new direction has Venus set you on, Leo? Your career and relationship planet is taking a turn, but it's up to you to make the most of it. Combine that with the effects of last week's solar eclipse in your sign, and you might be feeling like a whole new Lion by now. With those vibes may come an overhaul (or maybe just an edit) of your self-image. You've got until the beginning of the new year to explore the unknown aspects of your personality, so overhaul and edit as you please, Leo. Spend time alone with yourself, make new friends, and try as many new things as possible!

Mercury will go direct early next week, so pay attention to your finances until then. You never know when exciting opportunities could open themselves up to you. Be strategic with your liquid assets and consider what you need to save to be successful.

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August 23 to September 22

The solar eclipse last week may have influenced (or completely thrown off) your sense of spirituality. In turn, you might feel more inclined to discuss your views with people who don't share them, all in the name of meaningful discussion. How scholarly of you, Virgo. This conversational confidence will keep you from fading into the background, Homer Simpson GIF-style.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is also your planet of career. Before it goes direct early next week, consider how this retrograde has affected your work. Have you taken time to inspect the fine details of a project that you'd like to take the lead on? Use this week to harness that nit-picking nature you're known for — and we mean that in the best possible way. When Mercury ends its retrograde, you'll be able to take off like lightning. If you're considering a different perspective on cash flow, keep it up. Venus, your money planet, changed directions last week to help you succeed.

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September 23 to October 22

There's nothing like starting the week off with some drama, is there, Libra? On Monday, you could bump into an ex or rewrite your personal definition of love. Any romantic shakeup you encounter is likely due to your love planet, Mars, passing through your fourth house while it's retrograde.

Last week's solar eclipse passed through your friendship zone, testing even your closest bonds. Early this week, consider what you might solve with clearer communication. Known for being social and giving, sometimes Libras can get taken advantage of. We know you're no pushover, Libra, so don't overextend yourself for your friends if you don't have to. The lessons that you learned from the last solar eclipse will last you until the new year. Have you taken time to think about the bigger picture? Mercury, your planet of spirituality and good fortune, goes direct at the beginning of next week. Enjoy the rest of this retrograde by slowing down while you can.

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October 23 to November 21

You’ve been on a real career rollercoaster this summer, Scorpio! Last week’s solar eclipse may have mixed up your professional ecosystem, but you can rest easy knowing that any and all changes were made for the best. That doesn't mean they won't be painful to endure, but, eventually, you'll look back on these challenges as battles hard won.

Mars, your planet of health and work, is retrograde until the end of the month and is still out of bounds. Things are moving at half-speed, thanks to the red planet, so don't let work stress you out, Scorp. Use your spare time listening to your body and addressing your physical needs. Speaking of physical needs, Venus, your love planet, recently changed directions last week. Reflect back on your romantic relationships and what path you're heading down now. Even the smallest changes to your current approach can create a healthier, happier life.

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November 22 to December 21

Have you felt a change in the wind at work, Sag? Last week, Venus, ended her solstice and changed paths. Your career planet, Mercury, ends its retrograde this week. These combined movements are brewing up some major opportunities. How will you capitalise on this stroke of luck? Your assignment from the planets this week is to figure that out. Make a list, create a plan, and start ticking off those boxes.

Mercury also rules your emotions and relationships, compelling you to create a healthy work-life balance. If you're partnered, check in this week to make sure that they're on board for your plans. Tell them about the latest details you've added to the big picture, but be ready to accept constructive criticism — you're in this together. If you're single, check in with yourself to make sure you've created a workable timeline for your targets. Spend Saturday night with someone special. You’ll be feeling confident and open when the moon enters your sign.

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December 22 to January 19

Last week, you may have felt a significant shift at work, Capricorn. You pride yourself on your impressive work ethic, but is there more to it than being the last person standing? Venus ended her solstice last week and moved on to new territory. Have you considered doing the same? It may be time to rethink your strategy.

You'll feel supported in any big decisions when Mercury, your planet of health and work, goes direct early next week. Your planet of love, the moon, is waxing all week, accumulating energy at it goes. Last week, your financial planet, Uranus, started its retrograde. Be strategic as possible with your cash until it goes direct in early 2019. Don't let this penny-pinching bring you down — instead, embrace its energy and connect with your creative side. It's been waiting to break out!

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January 20 to February 18

If you’re in a relationship, last week’s solar eclipse may have been a doozy, but you’ll be able to handle any tiff from here on out. Do you feel any transitions underway in your family life, Aquarius? Venus, your planet of home and family, changed directions last week. If you feel like you're hitting a brick wall, consider whether there's another way you could express your feelings. Here's a hint: Everyone is feeling much more honest and direct after the solar eclipse.

When Mercury ends its retrograde next week, there will be fewer miscommunications. Your ruling planet, Uranus, began its own retrograde cycle last week. It'll be a while before it goes direct, so it's time to get used to this slo-mo Uranian energy. Uranus will inhabit your fourth house of home all month. What changes will you make to your living space to ensure that you've created your ideal comfort zone? Rank your DIY projects and get crackin' on the most essential items first!

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February 19 to March 20

Have you been awaiting the end of Mercury’s retrograde, Pisces? As one of the most romantic signs of the Zodiac, you'll be happy to know that your love planet will be going direct next week. Before you start maniacally scratching out the days in your calendar, remember to embrace the energy of this week.

If you're in a relationship, make time to connect with them and examine your emotions as a couple. Single? Before reaching for your phone, spend quality quiet time with yourself. Your money planet, Mars, is still retrograde and out of bounds until the end of the month, but that doesn't mean that you're coming to a financial standstill. Being out of your usual money-making sphere might mean discovering an exciting side hustle. Just test the waters before you get in too deep, little Fish.

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.

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