Hope you're hungry for Godzilla sushi, because the legendary kaiju is coming to Dave the Diver

 Godzilla threatening a restaurant.
Godzilla threatening a restaurant.

Over the course of his adventure into deep sea fishing and sushi restaurant management, the lovable Dave the Diver encounters quite a few massive sea creatures. Megasharks, giant squid, mutated hermit crabs, a literal dinosaur, and a shrimp so jumbo it could generate a year's worth of appetizers.

But despite defeating a dozen denizens of the deep, Dave has never clashed with a true, legendary kaiju. Which makes the news that Godzilla is invading Dave the Diver all the more exciting.

Along with the announcement that Dave the Diver is releasing on PlayStation this April, we learned that Godzilla is coming to Dave the Diver in May. I hope Bancho has some extra room in the fridge, because that giant mutated lizard is packed with enough radioactive meat to keep a dozen restaurants in business.

Or is Godzilla... friendly? It certainly looks menacing as it rears up out of the water, but you can catch a quick glimpse of what looks like a giant lobster, too. It appears Godzilla may not be preparing to squish Dave's sushi restaurant but perhaps defend it.

That's not the only question I have. Is this a full expansion? A bit of DLC? A free update? Is Godzilla's arrival just an in-game event or is there more to it? I have no idea! I haven't seen anything official other than the teaser above, but when I find out more I'll fill you in.