Hooch’s Alcoholic Raspberry Lemonade Is The Pinkest Drink On The Planet

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: kevssnackreviews/frukgram

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In uncertain times, it’s always nice to have a tasty new product to keep your spirits up. In this case, we mean that literally...

Hooch has launched an alcoholic raspberry lemonade, and I think it might just be the pinkest thing in existence. And that’s no bad thing, by the way – I’m into it.

We first got wind of the exciting new beverage when Kev’s Snack Reviews posted about it on Instagram.

He captioned a photo of the neon pink drink: "New Pink Raspberry Hooch! Much needed self-isolation drinks I think.

“Love it, this has a sweet raspberry flavour that reminds me of panda pops drinks but with a more adult twist. Very refreshing, sweet and comforting. And what a vibrant colour!”

Food Review UK has also been getting stuck in.

Hooch’s pink raspberry lemonade, which has an ABV of 70cl, is available in Tesco now.

If you refuse to drink anything that isn’t pink, you’ll be interested to know Shake Shack has released two new drinks that will be right up your street.

One is a cherry blossom milkshake, and the other is a cherry blossom lemonade, and they’re both millennial pink!

The Cherry Blossom Shake originates from the Shake Shacks in Japan, and is a flavour inspired by the country’s famed Sakura season. “Sakura” means “cherry blossom” in Japanese and the national flower is a symbol of spring in Japan.

Photo credit: Shake Shack

I’m guessing you want to know exactly what’s in these drinks, right? Well you’re in luck, friend…

Cherry Blossom Shake – Vanilla frozen custard blended with cherry blossom jam, topped with whipped cream and pink chocolate curls. Price: £5.35.

Cherry Blossom Lemonade – Shack-made lemonade blended with cherry blossom. Price: £3 for a regular, and £3.50 for a large.

Pink drinks for everyone!

Photo credit: Giphy

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