Honda Designs Adorable Electric Car To Transport Hospitalised Children

Honda has designed an electric car to bring comfort and joy to hospitalised children. Shogo is a ride-on specifically designed for young patients to navigate hospital hallways. Developed in-house by Honda engineers under Project Courage the initiative demonstrates the incredible impact that play and laughter can make in the life of a hospitalised child including easing the stress and anxiety of young patients and their families. Currently, the Shogo is in use at the Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOC) Hospital, which is one of Honda’s long-term partners. The stylish single-seater without doors makes it safe for young patients to enter or exit the vehicle. It also has a central seating position with steering controls suitable and accessible for a child along with smooth and soft-to-the-touch surfacing that is easy to keep clean in a hospital setting. Other features include an integrated IV pole holder and a push bar that provides caregivers the option to manually push the vehicle when needed. To make the child’s experience more comfortable, the Shogo also has a toy bucket in the front for the vehicle for items the child would like to bring along with them. There's even a customisable licence plate slot to display the name of each rider. Honda says the name Shogo is based on a Japanese word intended to mean “soaring into the future”.

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