Homicide New York: Where is Joseph Pabon now?

 Joseph Pabon.
Joseph Pabon.

Here's what you need to know about the current whereabouts of Joseph Pabon, the man who tortured and murdered Eridania Rodriguez back in 2009.

Netflix's Homicide New York is the latest true crime series to intrigue viewers as the series delves into five real homicides and investigates cases such as 15-year-old killers Daphne Abdela and Christopher Vasquez, killers Sean Salley and Andre Smith, and the murder of Howard Pilmar.

The series has gripped viewers who want to know more about the whereabouts of the real killers. So where is Joseph Pabon, the killer from the third episode, Vanished on Wall Street?

Homicide New York
Homicide New York

What did Joseph Pabon do?

The third episode of the show focuses on Eridania Rodriguez, a 46-year-old woman who went missing while working as a night cleaner in the Financial district of Manhatten. At first, her disappearance was a mystery but when NYPD discovered security tapes revealing that she never left the building, things became less clear and more confusing.

Four days after her disappearance, police found blood dripping from a duct on the twelfth floor, then discovered Eridania's body which was found bound and with clear evidence of torture. DNA underneath her fingernails showed that she fought her attacker and was a match to a maintenance worker in the building.

A 25-year-old maintenance worker in the same building, Joseph Pabon, was the killer. He had a history of violence towards women but his motive to kill Eridania is still unknown.

Homicide New York
Homicide New York

Where is Joseph Pabon now?

Joseph Pabon was arrested and in 2012 he was sentenced to 25 to life in Sing Sing Correctional Facility, in Ossining, New York. This means that the earliest he will be eligible for parole is July 12, 2034.

It was reported that Pabon denied killing her and his lawyers claimed that the case was built on coincidences and innocent conduct. Per The Morning Sun, the defence claimed, "Pabon barely knew Rodriguez, and he went home early because he was indeed sick, the defence says. His work involved heavy lifting that could explain the scratches on his body, and the sample of his DNA on Rodriguez’s fingernails could have come from contact between the two in the course of handling a garbage bag."

During the sentencing. Eridania's 29-year-old daughter said, that she was haunted by her mother's "horrible, disgusting death," per The New York Times. "My mother was a person full of positive thoughts," she said. "I miss seeing her, spending time with her. I miss her voice, her laughs."

Regardless of this defence and claims that he was not guilty, a guilty sentence was passed and Pabon was found guilty of murdering Eridania Rodriguez.

"He senselessly and brutally murdered her and discarded her body as if it were trash," the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said in a statement at the time per The New York Times.