A Homeware Gift Guide For Minimalists, Eccentrics & Everyone In Between

Jess Commons

This Christmas, homeware gifts are going to be more in demand than ever as our obsession with living in an Instagram-ready environment grows.

Trouble is, people have different tastes. Which means there's a big possibility of getting your purchasing all wrong.

To help you out, we've selected our favourite gift-type things for all sorts of people, from the serial dinner party holder to the minimalist. If you're running low on present-buying funds, there's even a slide for you.

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For the serial dinner party holder

This is the person that's actually got a dining room. The person that has a shelf full of expensive cookbooks that actually get used on a regular basis. The person who does baffling stuff like make fresh pasta and decant red wine to "let it breathe" before serving it.

Speaking of which, they're the type of person who would go bloody nuts over this delightful decanter (£34.95) from boutique The Restoration on Trouva. In other wine-related news, you could also consider this rather stylish Rockett St. George geometric wine rack(£28), which should help encourage them to stock up before you show up.

Also from Rockett St. George are these beautiful – and really rather bargain-tastic – blue fish-shaped serving platters (£14.40). And for washing up, this David Bowie tea towel (£12.50)? Yes please.

For the person well versed in the art of cosy

This person has had the heating on since the last week of September. The second this person steps through their front door at the end of a long day, work clothes are off and pyjamas and slippers are on. This person has a loungewear collection to rival Mariah Carey's entire wardrobe.

Give them a helping hand in their endless pursuit to nail "cosy" by warming their heart with this very cool teapot (£65 – and who knew teapots could be cool?) from Kobi & Teal on Trouva. Warm the room with this Beaumont Organic candle (£48) and warm their toes with this super cosy wool blanket (£49) from SMUG.

For the person who has a tiny bedroom

Those of us who live in cities may be space-challenged but that doesn't mean we don't want our teeny tiny bedrooms to look nice. We just need things that fit.

For your space-challenged friend, consider one of these very of-the-moment mirrors (£17.99) from H&M, which will take up just the smallest amount of wall space. Help keep her bedside table clutter-free with this trinket tray (£10) from Rockett St. George.

For the Scandi lover

Scandi homeware is still a super-strong trend, which makes sense; considering how much time those Danes and Swedes have to spend inside to avoid their cold winters, they should have interiors down to a T by now.

For the Scandi-obsessed person in your life, go full cosy with this ultimate hygge candle (£58) from 58 Lifestyle at Wolf & Badger. Tap into the the geometric element of the trend with this placemat set (£29.50) from Etsy. Or go for copper with this vase (£49) from Heal's.

For when you have no money

For some of us, Christmas is less "oh, lovely time to cherish the gift that is giving" and more "oh, for goodness' sake where am I going to get the money to buy these presents from?"

Don't worry, though – there are plenty of stocking filler-type homeware presents that look a lot more expensive than they actually are. This delightful vase from HEMA is just £5, as are these multicoloured melting candles from Urban Outfitters. And this Oliver Bonas tumbler – which is far too nice to drink out of – is a mere £7.50.

For the minimalist

These people like their home "clean". Although that doesn't mean clean like you think it means clean. It means stark, clutter-free and probably monochrome. It's a nightmare to keep up but annoyingly, their house does look very nice.

This Urban Outfitters boob pillow (£20) is just about chic enough to get away with. Plus it'll make you giggle every time you go over.

If that's too risqué, then consider this marble dressing-table tidy set from Made (£25) or this Kinto white cup and saucer from HomeArama (£24.95).

For the marvellously eccentric

Some people don't like trends. And that's OK. Some people just want their house to be the maddest, brightest, funnest place in the world and so, critics be damned, they're going to go for it.

This balloon lamp (£19.99) from England at Home at Trouva will surely delight even the biggest of kids, while this bonkers but stylish fishy cushion (£160) from Bivain at Wolf & Badger is a marvellous find too.

For me, though, it's all about this absolutely bananas pink swan wearing a crown that serves no functional purpose other than to sit on the wall looking fabulous (£30). Find it at White Mint.

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