‘Work from home’ at a Kenya safari camp

Simon Calder
Distant dream: a walking safari in the Masai Mara of Kenya: Kicheche Safari Camps

High-earning City staff who are unable to return to their employers’ premises are switching their remote-working location from the spare bedroom to an African safari camp – using zoom lenses to photograph wildlife before logging in to Zoom meetings.

One banker, who wanted to remain anonymous, has been told she cannot return to her office before the New Year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead she is planning to spend most of the rest of 2020 at Kicheche safari lodge in the Masai Mara Conservancy in Kenya for a daily rate of £300, based on a two-month stay.

“This may sound a lot, but I can rent my flat out for £3,200 a month,” she said. “I work very hard for my holidays, and the thought of combining my work with my favourite area of the world is irresistible.”

The price includes game drives, all meals, drinks, the $118 (£95) daily conservancy fee and WiFi access.

Paul Goldstein, the co-owner of Kicheche, said: “The day may shape up like this: very early game drive followed by breakfast, Zoom meetings, lunch, Teams catch up, game drive and sundowners.”

Kenya is currently off-limits to tourists, and has an overnight nationwide curfew in effect from 9pm to 4am, But its borders and airports will be open from 1 August.

Arriving passengers are likely to be asked for a health certificate. The Foreign Office says: "Proof of a negative Covid-19 test result is required to enter Kenya."

The FCO warns against travel to the entire continent of Africa, and all arrivals from Kenya to the UK must undergo two weeks of self-isolation.

With long-haul travel currently stalled by flight bans and government restrictions, tourism enterprises are looking for new markets.

Barbados has announced an initiative allowing “working holidays” lasting up to a year on the Caribbean island.

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