The Hollywood Reporter Launches THR Charts

You can find just about everything online these days — and more than a few things you wish you could un-find — but there hasn’t been a place that offers in one easily accessible spot all the most up-to-date data on entertainment viewership across a multitude of platforms.

That’s why today The Hollywood Reporter is introducing THR Charts, our new hub that collates every bit of viewership information available to mankind — box office returns, linear broadcast ratings and streaming figures, all from trusted sources like Nielsen, Comscore and Parrot Analytics — and puts them at your fingertips.

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“We are thrilled to offer our readers access to a comprehensive, data-driven platform they can’t find anywhere else. THR Charts is part of our evolution and editorial expansion, making the art of what to watch simpler and more approachable,” said Nekesa Moody and Maer Roshan, co-editors-in-chief of THR.

This sort of information is gold in Hollywood. It’s what helps entertainment executives ultimately determine what programming should live and what should die. But it’s also precious data for consumers, as well, helping to guide them through a never-more fractured entertainment landscape.

THR Charts delivers an agnostic view of the streaming content landscape to bring fans one step closer to their next favorite show or film,” said Joe Shields, president of THR. “We are democratizing content discovery so you don’t have to go down the 30 min rabbit hole of one streaming service, and then sometimes another and another to find your next show.  This cross-platform view finally makes discovery easy for consumers.”

Alongside THR Charts, we’re also launching a new flagship video series that will break down chart findings, contextualize them and offer insight to viewers. And we’ll be introducing an always-updating calendar listing upcoming theatrical releases (paired with a Fandango hub to purchase tickets).

THR Charts was born out of a simple yet essential need for both fans and industry leaders,” said Chris Santorella, vp, head of marketing at THR. “For fans, we’re providing an incomparable resource to help cut through the noise. And for those who live by the numbers, THR Charts offers an at-a-glance resource for data discovery.”

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