Hollywood holds it first premiere since coronavirus pandemic

Ben Arnold
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aTypical Wednesday (Credit: Gravitas Ventures)
aTypical Wednesday (Gravitas Ventures)

With cinemas soon to open again in the US and the UK, Hollywood has hosted it first movie premiere since lockdown.

Comedy drama aTypical Wednesday took a bow last night in in Los Angeles at the Montalban Theater Rooftop Cinema, off Hollywood Boulevard.

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According to Variety, attendance was limited to 60 people at the 200-capacity venue, with various safety measures in place.

All those invited were subject to having their temperature taken and wore face masks.

Writer, director and star of the movie J Lee said: “The premiere kind of happened out of nowhere.

aTypical Wednesday (Gravitas Ventures)
aTypical Wednesday (Gravitas Ventures)

“The theatre said they got approval from the city as long as we keep it to a certain number and gave everyone a lot of space.

“I was just thinking, ‘How can I celebrate the win because it’s so hard to get anything made and how can I do it safely and smartly?’

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“Most people responded with, ‘Hell yeah! I want to get out of the house.’ Before I pulled the trigger I was nervous that people wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it so I took the temperature first, no pun intended.

“Most people said they wanted to support me, and the fact that it was outdoors on rooftop made it work.”

The last premiere to take place in Hollywood was Vin Diesel action movie Bloodshot, which took place on 10 March.