Hollywood dermatologist reveals secrets of celebrity skin

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16 October 2012

Adored by celebrities including Renée Zellwegger, Kim Cattrall and Kerry Washington, Murad Skincare was the world’s first line of doctor-branded, clinical skincare when it launched in 1989 and has since gone on to become the #1 selling skincare line in department stores across the globe.

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We sat down for a chat with its founder and CEO, Dr Howard Murad, to discover his top tips for perfect autumn skin.

Should people change their skincare routine in autumn?

Certainly, because in the winter you tend to be drier, so you need a richer moisturiser than you’ve been using. Also, it’s important to eat certain foods. I like walnuts. I also like fish oil as an ingredient, because they actually hydrate you from within.

Most people think ‘what I put on my skin is going to take care of me’, but the truth is, what you eat can have a significant impact on your appearance.

What are five top foods for great skin?

•    Goji berries are amazing – they’re the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.

•    Pomegranates have the most amazing antioxidants. We at Murad were able to prove that they improved the SPF of sunscreens, if you just took them by mouth.

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•    Walnuts have all kinds of amino acids, which are important to build collagen. They have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatories and are full of good omegas, so if you don’t like fish, you can certainly have those instead.

•    Watermelon is very water rich, so when you’re thirsty, it’s ideal to have a slice of watermelon, because, besides the water you get, you also get all kinds of vito-nutrients, anti-oxidants and it alsoimproves the SPF of sunscreens.

•    Tumeric is one of my favourite seasonings. Studies have shown it may help reduce cancer, plus some people think it makes you think better

You have a lot of celebrity fans, whose skin looks amazing. What’s their secret?

The secret is that they take better care of their skin. They make sure that they take the time to have a massage or a facial, they use proper skincare, they use good cleansers - things like that make a difference. You don’t have to be a celebrity to do that, it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s important to basically understand that overall health is part of skincare.

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We all know that we should eat more fruit and vegetables, we all know that we should sleep better, we all know it’s important to put on sunscreens, so doing that on a regular basis is critical. All the celebrities do that, and everybody should do that as well. It doesn’t cost that much to take care of your skin.

We’re off to buy a packet of walnuts and a rich moisturiser, ASAP.

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