Hollyoaks teens Charlie and Leah hide major secret

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks teens Charlie and Leah will try to hide a major secret after the camping trip horror.

The kids' camping trip to the forest for an overnight party is set to have dire consequences when two older boys join them and offer drugs.

Before the night is over, Leah Barnes has to cover up some shocking events when Vicky Grant is rushed to the hospital following a shock collapse.

In scenes airing next week, Scott Drinkwell faces some tough questions when Vicky's mum Caitlin arrives at the hospital to accuse him of neglecting his foster daughter.

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Caitlin warns Scott that she will do everything in her power to make sure he will never get to be a foster-father again, as she orders him to stay away from her daughter.

The village is abuzz with news of the doomed camping trip as police visit Nancy's flat to question Charlie Dean about the events leading up to Vicky's collapse.

Charlie later warns Leah that their secret is under threat and he's terrified of having to go back to the youth offender's home.

Their attempts to keep the truth under wraps don't go well, as Ella Richardson recognises something is up and confronts the two over what they've done.

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Nancy and Darren are suspicious too, and when they quiz Charlie about the bruise on his head, he admits that it happened during a scuffle with DeMarcus.

Nancy goes round to speak with Felix, though she ends up troubled after their conversation. As the investigation wraps up, Leah is determined to put the whole situation behind her.

But can Charlie move on?

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