Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace discusses possible job change for Sally

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Annie Wallace has discussed a possible job change for her character Sally St Claire, after losing her headteacher position earlier this year.

The former Hollyoaks High head was shockingly sacked in February, sparking outrage from the village's residents. She recently made a return to the school under current headteacher Carter Shepherd — who is playing an integral role in the show's ongoing conversion therapy storyline.

"[Sally's] natural position is headteacher," said Wallace on how much she misses playing the school's matriarch.

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"Yes she had pressure but she also had other things and I'm quite sure she could pull her socks up and become headteacher again. I think it would be the right thing to do but of course first we've got to get rid of Carter and how would we do that who knows."

Wallace then went on to describe her hopes for Carter's downfall. "It would be nice to think that [Sally] has a contribution to whatever downfall may happen to him, and maybe working in the school she'll begin to spot things because he's quite unstable," she said.

"I think at some point his guard will drop and she will see him for what he is, but I don't know yet, we will have to wait and see..."

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The actress also praised co-star David Ames on his "talented" portrayal of villain Carter. "We were kind of friends before anyway through meeting each other at pride and various events and online, he's a very talented actor," she said.

Adding: "He can really do evil very well for someone who is so nice. They always say that the best evil characters are the ones played by the nicest people."

Both Sally and Carter played an important role during Friday's (November 10) LGBTQ+ special. The powerful episode saw Carter and John Paul's conversion therapy arc come to a head, while Sally shared the importance of the solidarity flag to her as a trans woman.

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