Hollyoaks kicks off Warren and Mercedes affair story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has started airing its next big storyline with Mercedes McQueen and Warren Fox's rekindled romance.

While Felix Westwood's illegal fighting has landed him in hospital, he continues keeping his vulnerable state a secret from Mercedes. Meanwhile, Warren, who's been dumped by Sharon Bailey, is frustrated about Felix as he's not taking his share of responsibilities with the business.

In tonight's (September 7) episode, Warren and Mercedes got close talking about Ella Richardson, who was recently revealed to be Warren's biological daughter. Mercedes urged Warren to try and bond with Ella, giving him the courage to go talk to her again.

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At the hospital, Sharon confronted Felix, telling him plainly he might not survive another fight. After suffering a seizure, Felix resolved to put his boxing days behind him. He acknowledged he'd treated both Mercedes and Warren poorly and vowed to put in the work for his business and his relationship.

But Felix's predicament might have come just a little too late as Mercedes and Warren got cosy at The Loft. Bonding over their complicated situations, the two shared drinks as the sexual tension between them became palpable.

"You are the biggest trainwreck I ever met," Warren told Mercedes, who was standing in front of him.

mercedes mcqueen, warren fox, hollyoaks
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"I'm not gonna kiss you," she then said in response before he pulled her closer.

As Felix told Sharon he'd make things better with his friend and his girlfriend, little did he know the two of them were just about to spend the night together.

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