Hollyoaks' James Nightingale to make tragic discovery about Juliet

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks aired heartbreaking scenes as Juliet Nightingale made preparations to tell her family that she is dying of cancer.

Recent episodes saw Juliet receive the heartbreaking news that her cancer is terminal, but she planned to keep the news a secret until after her brother James' upcoming wedding to Ste Hay.

In tonight's (May 17) first look episode, Juliet tried to hold her emotions together while the family prepared for Ste and James' big day.

Juliet received a text inviting her to the stag do, with girlfriend Peri Lomax and mum Donna-Marie Quinn clashing over her plans to attend the event.

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Peri tried to talk her out of going to the party, however Juliet remained adamant on the decision to hide the prognosis from the family for the next couple of days. "I want everyone to believe I'm fine until after the wedding," Juliet insisted.

Later on, after James decided to leave his wine tasting event and crash his fiancé's party at The Dog, Juliet was left feeling tired and exited the celebrations with Donna-Marie and Peri.

Back at home, she prepared to film a message to James which would reveal the truth about her diagnosis.

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As James and Ste managed to overcome their brief argument after a disastrous party game, an emotional Juliet began her message.

"I haven't been entirely honest with you... There's nothing more that the doctors can do for me, James," she told the camera.

"But I need you to keep it together," she continued. "I need you to be strong for mum and Romeo. Because if you haven't figured it out already, we're the strong ones.

"I love you, bro."

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