Hollyoaks: Felix proposes to Mercedes

Episode 6207

Channel 4 streaming release date: Monday 25 September 2023 at 00:01

E4 airdate: Monday 25 September 2023 at 19:00

Felix wants to make things right with Mercedes, who is having secret conversations with Warren about the guilt they are both feeling following their recent steamy hook-up.

They are confused to both receive the same text from Felix to meet him at The Wreck. Things start to unravel when a grand gesture goes awry as Felix proposes.

Meanwhile, Rayne despairs after failing to entice a guest list of content creators for her exclusive pool party, due to a more-appealing Ibiza event happening at the same time.

Rayne is convinced by Faye to invite her group of village companions instead, as more drama equals more viewers.

Prince and Hunter come up with a plan to grab Romeo's attention away from Rayne by hosting a radio event, causing him to feel excluded as he misses his buddies.

Elsewhere, Nadira is desperate to get Rafe's money back since it has left his account and she isn't buying Rayne's excuse of it only being a deposit, but will she manage to get through to Rayne?

Later, flashforwards reveal a sinister series of events yet to come.

Writer: Daniel Alexis

Director: Will Brenton

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