Hollyoaks confirms shock attack for DeMarcus Westwood

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed a shock attack for DeMarcus Westwood.

The whole situation comes about next week as DeMarcus frets over the Youth Centre that his dad Felix has been working on with Scott.

DeMarcus questions whether he's putting the club at risk just by hanging around, though his girlfriend Vicky convinces him he should stand up for himself.

It turns out that Mercedes McQueen will accidentally put them all in danger by mentioning all of the expensive gaming systems Felix has installed right in front of sketchy dealer Taz.

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When multiple gas canisters are soon found outside the club, Felix is reluctant to postpone the opening even though Scott is concerned for everyone's safety.

Later, Scott witnesses Taz making one of his drug deals nearby, and when Felix finds out, he's warned by the local kingpin to clear out of the facility by the end of the week or face the consequences.

Felix is initially defiant about plowing forward with the Youth Centre opening but eventually is forced to postpone after making a shocking discovery that the place has been trashed and items were stolen.

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Mercedes and DeMarcus rally around Felix to keep moving forward, and there's even some good news as DeMarcus reveals whoever stole the game systems has mysteriously returned them.

Felix is in the middle of his grand opening speech when he spots Taz and his cronies turning up for the event. He intervenes to prevent an issue between Taz and DeMarcus, not knowing that the dealer has swiped his keys in the process.

Father and son have a tense conversation as Felix admits he's concerned over DeMarcus refusing to defend himself against Taz — while the teen insists threatening the drug dealer won't make things better. DeMarcus encourages his sceptical dad to get the police involved.

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The growing feud begins to spiral out of control when DeMarcus and Vicky are later surrounded by Taz and his crew, leading to a fight breaking out.

DeMarcus is outnumbered and eventually ends up in hospital with a minor concussion. Felix is horrified when Vicky explains the situation to him, realising his son was right about calling the cops.

Vicky goes to DeMarcus' bedside to reveal how thankful she is that he stood up for her, while Felix receives alarming news from DS Zoe Anderson that no arrests have been made.

Felix doesn't get a warm reception when he visits his son, as DeMarcus blames him for the attack in the first place. DeMarcus speaks frankly to his dad about how he is never going to be a fighter.

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Vicky remains supportive of DeMarcus, telling Mercedes she can't imagine her life without him. Meanwhile, Felix sets out to make things right with his son once and for all.

Warren offers his support for DeMarcus's non-violent attitude, though he reminds the teen his dad stood by him when he was wrongly arrested last year.

Felix gets upset once he finds out that his best mate Warren agrees with DeMarcus's outlook — can anyone get through to Felix?

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