Holly Willoughby's no makeup Sunday selfie is so relatable

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Photo credit: HGL - Getty Images
Photo credit: HGL - Getty Images

We can always rely on Holly Willoughby to keep it real, whether that's showing us how she dyes her hair at home, or sharing her This Morning outfits so we can cosplay as daytime TV presenters from home.

Sundays are the day of rest and while Jesus didn't specify what we should like while we're relaxing, there is most definitely an unwritten 7th day dress code.

When it comes to the face we're talking no makeup, nada, nothing, just our SPF because we're all wearing that on the daily aren't we...

Aren't we.

Great, brilliant news.

The only thing you'll find us painting is a face mask and yes, the same attitude applies to our hair.

Sunday is not the day to get the straighteners out, it's the day to stick it in a bun (preferably the one you slept in), or keep it in your bonnet.

Brushes and combs.... we don't know them on a Sunday.

Not that we have any guilt over our Sunday rituals, but it did make us smile when we saw Holly's latest Instagram selfie and accompanying caption.

"One of those Sunday’s where I’ve got to be here, there and everywhere... however I feel with this hair I can take on the world"

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We have to admit Holly's messy bun looks a whole lot more chic than ours and that might be a lick of mascara we spy, but overall as a busy working mum it looks like Holly really is just like the rest of us.

Wonder if she had cheese on toast for dinner as well...

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