Holly Willoughby talks candidly about loving all three of her labours

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

This Morning star Holly Willoughby opened up about her labour experience on the show yesterday (6 December).

The mum-of-three talked candidly about loving all three of her labours, and admitted she's jealous of those who are now having the magical experience.

Photo credit: Hearst
Photo credit: Hearst

Speaking with a mum-to-be who called into the show to reveal she's due to give birth over Christmas, Holly said: "Can I just say, really enjoy it. I know when it's your first you're always quite nervous about what it's going to be like and if it's all going to be okay. But, I loved all three of my labours, and they were all completely different and some of them weren't straight forward, but I really enjoyed it

"It's a very magical, special thing you're about to go through and I'm really jealous of anybody that's about to go into labour because it's the best thing, it's the best experience ever," Holly added.

Holly is mum to Belle, Harry and Chester, and has recently also opened up about how her body changed after having her children.

On the Happy Place podcast with close friend Fearne Cotton to promote her debut book

Reflections, Holly revealed she was moving away from being self-critical about her body and coming to appreciate what it has done for her and her children.

"We are heading towards that kind of menopausal time, skin is changing, hair is changing, body's changing – even having had a baby the shape of your body completely changes," Holly said.

She added: "I think that it's really important in those moments, rather than looking down and going, 'Oh my god, look at everything changing, I’m getting old, I’m getting more wrinkled. Oh my God, my t*ts are around my knees'... Instead of looking down, you’ve sort of got to look up with it and go, 'God, my body was able to carry a baby and my boobs breastfed three children and they were fine,'" she explained.

The presenter said she now appreciates getting older as a privilege, and aims to set a good explain for her 10-year-old daughter Belle.

"You've got to go, 'Yes my face is starting to sag and my eyes are blood shot and the rest of it" but "I’m healthy and I’m ok and getting older is a privilege because not everyone else gets to be here'."

"Having a daughter, I'm very aware of the example I set now in this stage because Belle's ten so she's old enough now to be watching me," Holly said. "I want to conduct myself in a way that when she gets to this stage, it's like I'm clearing the pathway for her. That's how I feel about many things and not just about outwards image but this is what we're talking about now. I feel I have a responsibility there to do this in a way that is a positive experience for all of us."

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