Holly Willoughby says she ‘gets to play dress up’ every week on Dancing On Ice

Holly Willoughby says she is excited to “play dress up every Sunday” as she prepares for the latest series of Dancing On Ice.

The TV presenter said the arrival of fantastic dresses with sequins and feathers made her feel “like Cinderella for the day”.

Willoughby, 40, who presents the popular 10-week skating show with partner-in-crime Phillip Schofield, said she enjoyed the process of tweaking her wardrobe throughout the series.

National Television Awards 2021 – London
Willoughby presents the popular 10-week skating show with partner-in-crime Phillip Schofield (Ian West/ PA)

“I have two or three fittings throughout the 10 weeks but it is one of my favourite days of the year,” she said.

“You suddenly get this floof of fluff, and sequins and feathers just appear through my door and I feel like Cinderella for the day”.

She added: “I never get to wear big frocks anymore, you only get married once and you only get to wear the big frock (once) but thankfully all these years on Dancing On Ice I get to play dress up every Sunday so I am just excited to do it all again.

“There are probably about 10 or 15 dresses there, some things you try on and you can’t get past your knees and then other things you need to adapt slightly or think about what works on camera and all those sorts of stuff.

“I quite like being part of that process as well, going ‘this would look nice if we added a bit of this there’, it’s fun, it’s something that I enjoy doing.”

The line-up of this year’s Dancing On Ice includes Love Island’s Liberty Poole, Coronation Street star Sally Dynevor, and Happy Mondays dancer Bez.

The show returns to ITV on January 16.