Holly Willoughby just wore her mum's bday dress to celebrate turning 40

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @hollywilloughby - Instagram
Photo credit: @hollywilloughby - Instagram

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Happy birthday to Holly Willoughby, who is celebrating turning 40 today!

Earlier this morning Holly took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes snaps from This Morning's studio, featuring a sizeable light-up '40' sign (sweet), colourful balloons and a custom made floor sticker that reads 'Happy Birthday Holly!' Is anyone else getting flashbacks to the days of going into the office and decorating your work wife's desk for their bday? Ah, what a time. Guess this is the equivalent for those working in TV.

For the occasion, Holly wore an '80s style black floral dress with padded shoulders and fun peplum detailing around the waist which she, of course, absolutely rocks.

As is tradition, anything Holly wears on This Morning usually sells out online within a matter of hours but fans looking to add this number to cart might have a trickier time than usual doing so. Why? Because Holly revealed that the dress is actually a vintage piece passed down from her mum, who wore it ON HER OWN 40th BIRTHDAY - so cute!

"This photo of my Mum was taken on her 40th birthday at the party she had in the garden," writes Holly on Instagram.

"I remember this day so clearly. It’s a strange thing to reach the age you remember your Mum being! ...I asked her if she’d kept the dress and of course she had... Strange moment zipping it up this morning, wondering how she felt on her big day... I can’t be with my Mum or Dad today but wearing this in her honour makes me feel closer to them... love you Mumma! #sothisis40 💕"

I don't know about you but I'm personally living for how sweet this mother-daughter fashion moment is, with Holly revealing that she's wearing her mum's dress to feel close to her parents today since they're unable to see each other in person <33

Holly also shared another throwback pic from her mum's 40th party on Stories, simply captioned "Queen".

Photo credit: @hollywilloughby - Instagram
Photo credit: @hollywilloughby - Instagram

Aaaaand here's the throwback look one more time in all its glory:

So there you have it, Holly wore her mum's dress for her birthday and, like that, it's immediately one of our all-time favourite Holly W looks.

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