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Host Your Best Christmas Dinner Ever With These Delicious Holiday Recipes

There's no need to stress about making all your guests happy this year—with our very best Christmas dinner ideas, you'll be rounding out your most unforgettable Christmas menu yet in no time. Here, we've compiled our all-time favorite recipes so that you have everything you need to make a crowd-pleasing feast. With delicious recipes for perfectly-cooked Christmas ham, classic Christmas side dishes, and more, we have a feeling these dishes will make December 25 tastier than ever before. But it's not all about the showstopping mains and savory Christmas appetizers, of course.

We've also got tons of Christmas desserts to pick from—beyond the sweets you already know and love. This year, upgrade all your favorite pies, cakes, and custards with our top picks, ranging from the adventurous (a gingery, chai-spiced sweet potato pie, for instance) to the classic (oat-pecan pumpkin pie!). And don't forget something with which to help your guests get a little more "spirited," if you will: Our favorite Christmas cocktails are also included here, including a big-batch punch that can be made sans alcohol for any kid-filled holiday parties. Of course, you wouldn't want to just take our word that everything here is incredibly delicious, would you? Whip up one of these recipes and poll your guests—they'll tell you themselves! (And if you decide you don't want to cook up a feast this year, let someone else do it for you and check out these restaurants open on Christmas Day.)