Hold Up… Are McDonald’s And Quorn Joining Forces To Make Vegetarian Nuggets?

Anna Lewis
·2-min read

From Delish

Last January, McDonald’s launched vegan dippers, and they were perfectly tasty if you follow a plant-based diet. But for some people, they were a little too vegetables-coated-and-battered as opposed to actual meat-free nuggets.

So, imagine our excitement when we saw this tweet that put an idea into our minds that we never knew we wanted until now, even though, when you think about it, it seems so damn obvious.

Just recently, @oneofthosefaces tweeted McDonald’s saying, “Launch Quorn Nuggs @McDonald’s”. And guess who went and replied… no, not McDonald’s, but the next best thing: Quorn.

The company, which makes a number of super-tasty meat-alternatives, including vegetarian chicken, replied to the tweet saying: “We hear you loud and clear” with a mischievous face emoji.

Now, we’re not saying this is solid proof that McDonald’s Quorn McNuggets will actually happen, but we do like that response – it sure as Hell ain’t a denial, is it? Now, if we could just get McDonald’s to reply with a similarly cheery comment.

Saying this, Pizza Hut and Quorn joined forces in 2020 for their Vegan Southern Fried Nuggets, so maybe Quorn has done enough already as far as fast food vegetarian nuggets goes?

Currently, McDonald’s UK has a few vegetarian options on the menu, including the aforementioned Veggie Dippers, as well as the Vegetable Deluxe burger and the Spicy Veggie wrap. But nothing on the menu is actually a meat-alternative, so we’re hoping Maccas will follow in the footsteps of places like KFC and introduce meat-free ‘chicken' options starting with Quorn McNuggets.

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