Hold Up. There’s A Hack That Allows You To Neatly Fold A Pizza Box To Keep Leftovers Perfectly Fresh

Anna Lewis
·1-min read

From Delish

It’s nearly the weekend, people! Which can mean only one thing. Well, it can actually mean quite a lot of things, but mostly it means tonight we’re getting a takeaway!

We’re in the mood for pizza, but we’re worried we’ll order way too much (which we always do) and we’ll have tons left over (hmmmmm, we normally manage to scoff the whole lot, tbh, but still…).

But what are we to do with the leftover pizza? Like, what’s the best way to store it? Well, did you know that there’s an incredible TikTok hack doing the rounds, which shows you how to neatly fold a pizza box so you can pop your pizza leftovers in the fridge? And according to @nateandgran’s video, this works on all takeaway pizza boxes.

Showing his followers how it’s done, @nateandgran, aka Nate Hunter, begins by ripping off the lid of the pizza box before removing some of cardboard from the side flaps. He then folds the whole thing in half to create a mini box that’s perfect for leftovers. Look how compact and, quite frankly, cute it is!

Now you’re probably going to want to know the best way to reheat leftover pizza, aren’t you?

According to Domino’s Australia, if you put a slice of pizza in the microwave for 30 seconds with a glass of water, it will come out hot and crispy. It’s as easy as that!

Now you just have to decide where to order tonight’s pizza from…

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