Hold Up... Have We Been Eating Chocolate Digestives Wrong This Whole Time?

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Hands up who loves Chocolate Digestives...

Yep, that's everyone.

Perfect alone, delicious with a hot cuppa and great used as ingredients in desserts, they're the sort of biscuits that will always deliver.

But, if there's one thing that's continued to bother us when it comes to the Chocolate Digestives, it's figuring out how exactly to eat them. We know, it sounds stupid. But seriously, this a hot topic! And people have been debating this question for years.

So, which side up should a Chocolate Digestive be eaten?

Photo credit: annick vanderschelden photography - Getty Images
Photo credit: annick vanderschelden photography - Getty Images

Well guys, it turns out we've been eating them wrong this whole time...

According to food scientist, Professor Charles Spence, he suggests the optimum way to enjoy chocolate half-coated biscuits is by eating them chocolate side DOWN. Yes, DOWN.

He says, "My research suggested that whilst there are merits in both ways, holding the biscuit chocolate side up first to maximise the visual experience and then switching it over as the biscuit is brought toward the mouth provides the best multi-sensory experience."

Mind = blown.

Photo credit: McVitie's
Photo credit: McVitie's

Mark Schomberg, Head of Chocolate and Culinary Craft at McVitie’s (the king of chocolate half-coated biscuits) added, "There is no ‘right or wrong’ way to eat a Chocolate Digestive, however we’ve previously confirmed that technically speaking the chocolate is on the bottom of the biscuit as that’s how it’s enrobed when they are created."

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