Hold Up, They’re Changing The Taste Of Sprite Forever?

Sprite Is Getting A Brand New TasteSprite

As if we hadn't had enough dramatic rebranding news recently (goodbye, Lilt), we've just heard the news that Coca-Cola is changing the taste of Sprite.

The lemon-lime drink has been a mainstay on fast food and cinema menus and in corner shops for hot-day refreshment for yonks, and the idea of the flavour changing is going to send ripples through the Sprite fan community for sure.

The new flavour is coming into place to differentiate between the OG Sprite offering and the Zero Sugar version.

While both Sprite and Sprite Zero Sugar will see an enhanced lemon-lime flavour, the two will be further differentiated, with the Zero Sugar offering a lighter taste profile. So... less lemon-limey?

And that's not all. The packaging is also due to change, with a new design making it clearer which Sprite is original and which is sugar-free.


“The refreshed taste will be accompanied by the roll-out of a new packaging design that brings a clean and stylish edge to the classic Sprite look, with sleek new white and black text that will clearly differentiate Sprite and Sprite Zero Sugar whilst delivering impact on shelf,” Coca-Cola Europacific Partners GB, vice president of commerical development, Martin Attock said.

Well, we can always get on board with a fun new packaging, but the jury is truly still out when it comes to the flavour. We'll keep our eyes peeled for thorough reviews when the new tasting cans hit the shelves.