Hitchcock Heroines: How To Get The Blonde Hair Look From Grace Kelly To Janet Leigh

‘What woman doesn’t want to look glamorous and chic?’ – This, the answer from Charles Worthington, when asked why he thinks the blonde bombshell look continues to be so popular. And it’s true, because if polish and confidence is what you want to achieve, partnered with undeniable sex appeal, you can’t go wrong in styling your ‘do like one of Alfred Hitchcock’s leading lady.

Considering the anticipation for the release of Sacha Gervasi’s new film Hitchcock, starring Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel as the beautiful Janet Leigh and Vera Miles, it’s evident that the Hitchcock Blonde hairstyle is as legendary as the women sporting it. You don’t have to have watched Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief or Tippi Hedren in The Birds, to appreciate the timeless style of the stars. Charles Worthington explains, ‘There is a real trend for a more polished and coiffed appearance and I think this look is so relevant at the moment – it exudes confidence, passion and effortless cool and always looks modern. The Hitchcock Blonde Bombshell is a look that never goes out of fashion and this it is so easy to achieve. Set hair in medium heated rollers, brush out and mist with hairspray to hold.’

However, pulling off this look is as much about your curling tong technique as it is about maintaining healthy, glossy hair. Grazia asked three hair experts - Sam McKnight, James Brown and Charles Worthington - what other tips they can give to achieve this luscious blonde look at home.

By Helena Hamilton

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