History of the Marathon EP

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At Runner's World, we love the marathon so much that one of our staffers, senior editor Rick Pearson, has written an EP dedicated to the distance. The History of the Marathon is out today (Friday 1 October) and available to listen to on Spotify and all the other major digital channels.

The band who have brought this to life are called The Hamstrings and comprise Rick (vocals/guitar), his wife Georgie (vocals) and Jules Jackson (bass/drums). Much of the record was recorded during lockdown from Rick's bedroom wardrobe.

'The marathon has a much quirkier and more interesting history than many imagine,' says Rick. 'I wanted to celebrate a few of the key figures from the race's history, such as Kathrine Switzer, and create a record that feels as energetic and positive as the marathon itself. It's dedicated to marathon runners everywhere.'

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