Hiroshima's pancake goes global for G7 summit

STORY: What's on the menu for the G7 summit in Hiroshima?

Okonomiyaki savory pancakes

Location: Hiroshima, Japan

(Atsushi Kitaura, Chinchikurin Hiroshima manager)

"You could say that okonomiyaki is the number one most popular soul food among people from Hiroshima. It's also a very popular dish to eat at home, so much so that I don't think there's anyone from Hiroshima who hasn't eaten it."

The ingredients typically include noodles, cabbage, batter, and fried meat

but for the G7, a local restaurant trade group has dreamed up variations

incorporating favorite foods from the Group of Seven richest nations

"The G7 summit is taking place in Hiroshima this time round and because of that we thought a lot of customers from various countries overseas would come here. So we wanted to offer various flavors of okonomiyaki to match their tastes. So we are making okonomiyaki named after the countries of the various leaders coming here."