Hip-Hip-Hooray! Pygmy Hippo Trots Into London Zoo As Part Of Conservation Breeding Programme

Adorable pygmy hippo Amara has moved into her new home at London Zoo. The two-year-old female was chauffeured the 400 mile journey from Edinburgh Zoo to the iconic conservation zoo, after being matched up with her new hippo-hubby, Thug through the European Breeding Programme (EEP) for the Endangered species. Amara and 26-year-old Thug hit it off straight away when they were introduced in the pair’s hippo hot tub. With only an estimated 2,500 pygmy hippos left in the wild, ZSL has worked to protect the species, which is particularly threatened by hunting, logging and mining. Pygmy hippo keeper Poppy Jewell said: “Adding to the population of this Endangered species is all part of our core focus of protecting wildlife at London Zoo.” Poppy added. “We also hope that seeing her and Thug and learning about this unique species will inspire the next generation of conservationists.”