'Hip dips' are the latest Instagram body trend

Hip dips Instagram pic
Is it just drawing our attention to another ‘imperfection’? [Photo: Instagram/jenneydoll]

Pick any four-centimetre sized space on your body and there’s probably an ‘imperfection’ there that you’re (supposedly) meant to be worrying about.

But had you ever heard of ‘hip dips’ before?

It’s a name for the small indents below our hips and above our thighs – also called ‘violin hips’.

And instead of worrying about them as they once did, Instagrammers are choosing to celebrate them.

Using the hashtag #hipdips, bloggers are posting photos of themselves showing off, not hiding, that part of their bodies.

“For years and years growing up I hated this part of my body,” wrote Instagammer Lexie Thiery.

“I didn’t understand why my hips sunk in so far and made me look boxy and odd shaped.

“But over the years, and through practicing [sic] self love, I’ve learned to see this as just another part of me that makes me beautiful.”

“Realizing that it’s not just me that has this body type has made me feel so much better about myself knowing that others deal with the same things that I do,” wrote 17-year-old Kylee Tomlin.

But as well as those defiantly fighting back against their existing insecurities, for others, the #hipdips hashtag has lead to the discovery of an ‘imperfection’ they never realised they had.

“So I never knew what #hipdips were until today but I now realise I have them and that is why I have never felt good in any tight dress ever,” wrote one blogger.

And another, a 22-year-old called Charlotte, said: “So today i learned i have hip dips and I will never be able to achieve my life goal of looking like Kylie Jenner so I hereby officially give up – #hipdips #what?”

So while it’s empowering for some, for others, is it having the opposite effect and making us feel insecure about something we never worried about in the first place?

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