Hilary Swank offers update on twin pregnancy

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Hilary Swank has opened up about her twin pregnancy with husband Philip Schneider.

The 48-year-old two-time Oscar winner shared an update on her pregnancy in a new interview with Extra after revealing earlier this month that she's expecting twins.

Swank's twins are due in April, on her late father's birthday; he died in October 2021. The actress also shared Instagram photos of her growing belly with the caption, "Coming soon... DOUBLE feature" and two angel-baby emoji.

"I was having some morning sickness for a while there," Hilary told the outlet. "My friends tell me that having double means having double the hormones, double the sickness, and double everything."

Hilary added she's "feeling better" after a difficult first trimester but admitted keeping her pregnancy a secret while filming her new Hulu series Alaska Daily was difficult.

"I was cutting my pants open in the back because they were no longer fitting me, and people were laughing at me," the star smiled.

Swank noted that twins run in both her and Schneider's families, and she is "so excited" for the next stage.