Hilarious TikTok reminds us it’s not a true Disney vacation until someone has a full-on meltdown

Dad has Disneyworld meltdown

Social media and Disney’s own advertising will have you believe that a trip to the Disney parks is nothing but magical moments you’ll cherish for years to come. And while there is no shortage of magic to be had within those famous park gates, it all conveniently leaves out the reality that someone’s bound to have an absolute meltdown at least once, and it will probably happen by day two of your trip.

One mom’s hilarious TikTok reminds us why a Disney vacation can feel far less magical once you’re there, and we’re cringing at how relatable it all is. Husband and wife TikTokers Dave and Janie Ippolito recently took their family to the parks, and it seems everyone but Janie had a full-blown meltdown on the second day.

Janie can be seen telling the camera that they’re about to head to a character breakfast, while Dave is telling the screaming kids off-camera that they’re “in the most magical place on earth,” adding, “Please stop! I will put you on a plane today and take you home. I do not want to hear it. Please!”

“The parents that get it, GET IT. The most magical place on earth,” Janie captioned the post, which garnered five million views in a matter of hours. Plenty of commenters chimed in with their thoughts, praising the couple for sharing the “reality” of a Disney vacation.

“That is the most accurate Disney video I’ve ever seen. 5 stars,” wrote one person. “Thank you for posting what Disney trips are really like,” said another. “I love how he said ‘I will put YOU on a plane’ implying he was gonna stay and do Disney,” joked yet another.

Of course, a trip to Disney is stuffed to the brim with reasons why you might lose your sh*t a little bit. The parks are hot and humid, almost always insanely crowded—not to mention obscenely expensive—and you’re on your feet for hours at a time shuffling between scheduled activities. Add to the mix kids that are exhausted, overstimulated, and/or not feeling well, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Some pro tips from a seasoned Disney vet: Build in rest days or afternoon breaks as often as possible, because a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation is fun for no one when you’re tired, stressed, or feeling sick. Yes, even if you’ve spent thousands to be there, or if it means missing out on some fun stuff.

We all lose our cool; it’s part of being human. Heck, I’ve been to every Disney park around the globe and probably had a meltdown at every single one. Just two months ago I unexpectedly started my period at Hong Kong Disneyland, crying and doubled over in pain from cramps on Main Street. But years from now, your kids will remember being yelled at in a hotel room or in a crowded park. So if you’ve reached that breaking point, it’s well past time to pack it in and give the whole family a breather. Mickey and friends will still be there when you’ve cooled down, rested, hydrated, and ready to try again.