Here’s What a Highmark Stadium Employee Has to Say About Her Interaction With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift.<p>Gotham/Getty Images</p>
Taylor Swift.

Gotham/Getty Images

We all know what she’s like on stage. Whether we’ve had the privilege of seeing her in person or have harmonized with her on the big screen in the movie theater, we know Taylor Swift has a distinctly loveable personality. Even if you’re not a fan of her music, you can’t deny that her bubbly disposition is contagious.

But, as with all celebrities, there’s always an extent to which we wonder if its merely a persona. Thanks to an employee at Highmark Stadium, the home to the Buffalo Bills, we can safely assert that kindness is simply in Swift’s nature.

On Sunday, Jan. 21, Swift entered Highmark Stadium to watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Bills in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. It wasn’t simply a good night for the Chiefs, though, who secured a 27-24 victory against the home team. Little did she know ahead of time, it would be a memorable night for Highmark Stadium ticket taker Jerris Rainey.

The employee “just wanted to just see [Swift],” she told 7 News Buffalo. But the pop sensation was determined to give her fan a bit more than just a glimpse of her. “She you know she stopped, and she asked me if I worked at the stadium. I said yes. And she asked if she could give me a tip. And she gave me $100 and then she asked if I wanted to take a picture with her and I said yes,” Rainey explained.

According to the ticket taker, Swift is “a sweetie pie. Very down to earth.”

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