Get a Highlighter That Can Do Both: Sweatpants-to-Date-Night Edition

  • Melt Cosmetics recently launched its SexFoil Liquid Highlighter.

  • The liquid highlighter comes in four shimmery shades.

  • See how the highlighter shade Stargazer translated from day to night.

As someone who's limited their beauty routine during the pandemic, I wear minimal makeup during the day (if any at all), and when I do, I make sure it counts. With the transition to the new fall season, I've been looking for a way to hold onto the dewy summer glow without looking too . . . well, summery. Freckle pens, tanning oil, and dark bronzers were too much, but in my opinion, highlighter never goes out of style - no matter the month. So when I noticed that Melt Cosmetics had a new highlighter, I knew it was a sign.

There were a few reasons the SexFoil Liquid Highlighter instantly caught my eye. First, it's a liquid highlighter, which I've found to be easier to apply than its stick counterpart. Also, the shimmery finish looked too good to be true. Determined to find out just how good the SexFoil was, I put it to the test. Keep scrolling to see how it went.

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